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Hi there guys.

Was just after a little help or suggestions of some sort regarding this matter. Forgive me in advance for the long rant.

I went on my Wii U the other day, only to find that I had been banned from Miiverse due to my ID name being inappropriate.

The name across all 7th and 8th gen consoles has always been HOGGYSTYLE, and it has been that on the Wii U since December 7th 2012 when I hooked the console up.

I immediately changed my name on both my Wii U and 2DS after getting that message, and contacted customer support the next day.

I explained the situation and the guy said that I was only banned for 2 weeks. I found this odd after nearly 4 years with the Wii U with the same name, but okay, whatever, not the end of the world.

I got a call and an email from the same guy yesterday, to inform me that I have been banned for LIFE for SEXUAULLY EXPLICIT COMMENTS!!!!

I explained to him again that that is impossible, as I rarely use Miiverse unless I need help with a game, or to just comment on how much I enjoyed one after completing it.

I also asked that wouldn't it be impossible to type anything rude out like that out and have the moderators accept it?

I told him that I want to see transcripts of these supposed comments, and clear, cut proof in black and white that they exist (which they don't), otherwise, there must surely be a small law against something like this when I have done NOTHING wrong. I have NEVER made an offensive remark in my life on Miiverse; on the contrary, all I ever do is praise other gamers and Nintendo as a whole for the games they produce.

I am still waiting to hear back as he did say it would take up to 5 working days seeing as I have appealed this and taken it further.

Does anyone have any knowledge, hints or tips on this or a similar situation or how to get me UN-banned, as this is simply just not right?

Thank you very much



@GuruOfGreatness Just don't use Miiverse, it's a terrible system anyway. I'm afraid there's nothing you can do. I think you have to wait until you get a reply.



If they do choose to ban you for life your ban is tied to all accounts associated with your hardware (past and future accounts). You would have to buy new hardware to get back on Miiverse.


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