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RetroUSB has finally opened preorders for the HD FPGA NES clone AVS. Pricing for RE is $185, LLE is $650.20

This is NOT an dumper/emulator box or a crappy NOAC clone. It plays all old, current, and future NES and Famicom releases and sports HDMI 720p output. Includes four controller ports with built in four score to allow four player simultaneous play on NES and Famicom, as well as a Famicom accessory port in back. There is also a selection of new NES homebrew "launch" titles to accompany the AVS at launch.

***I am in no way affiliated with RetroUSB or their products. I just think their products are awesome sauce!

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I preordered a RE one! I was thinking about a "mini" when it was announced but na, forget that. This is what I need to play my 77 NES games! I went to eBay to look at some more NES games and oh boy, I thought the games were expensive back when I was buying NES games a couple years ago! Maybe I will have to buy the Famicom versions.

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Hamster_Overlord wrote:

***I am in no way affiliated with RetroUSB or their products. I just think their products are awesome sauce!

The way you talk about it makes you sound like you're on bunnyboy's dime.

This thing will stumble greatly once it's outside the NA safezone. Here's why:

Purists will opt for Kev's HDMI kit or viletime's NESRGB.
Casual users will opt for the Retron5, not caring about it being an emulation box and wanting the ability to play other systems in HD. The fact is the casual market already has been fulfilled, considering the Retron5 has been out for some time.

So who's left? Not many folks, that's for sure.

Add in bunnyboy's poor track record of support and it's sure to be a dumpster fire.

This will probably end up breaking bunnyboy. Without any sell through in B&M chains, like the Retron5 has, it will have an initial burst of interest and then taper off. If he's lucky, he'll break even but that doesn't even include the massive amounts of time he invested in development, which he won't be compensated for.

@Ryno: You're a little late to the game on buying Famicom versions of expensive NES titles. People have caught onto that and it no longer makes sense.

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This isn't the second coming of a NES, nice click bait there. Clone systems have been around for years now.

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