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This is most likely a ripoff. Also, when the highest bid is reached, the NES will skyrocket past the price of the mini when including shipping.

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Does look genuine. Difficult decision. The NES mini does have its advantages (Hdmi, more games) but playing on original hardware is pure nostalgia and using cartridges really adds to it. But most important is, do you have a CRT TV? Otherwise you can't hook up the original NES to a flat-screen. I got both consoles and nowadays I only play on the mini.



NintendoPete wrote:

Otherwise you can't hook up the original NES to a flat-screen.

As long as the TV has either a coax and/or RCA-type inputs, you can certainly hook it up. A CRT is not required.

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Yeah but then you would have still problems with input lag cause flat-screens work differently.


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