Topic: Discovered Sealed Super Mario Bros Copies in Parents' Garage

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Hey guys,

Last weekend I was going through the parents' dusty garage to help with some cleaning and low and behold, I came across a box with sealed Super Mario Bros games that my dad totally forgot he bought back in 1989-90. I could not believe my eyes! They are the black box variant version w/the Oval SOQ TM. I've played video games since I was a kid, and I'm definitely looking to keep most of the copies for nostalgia. I've already got an opened copy of the game, so I'm planning on selling two of these sealed copies. My question is: Would you guys personally rather buy a sealed ungraded copy, or would you prefer buying a sealed copy that was graded/encapsulated by VGA or WATA? Just trying to gauge the interest in the community before making a decision on how to proceed.



I would personally prefer a sealed ungraded copy. Also, those games are definitely worth something. Not super huge, but a lot if you sell most of them. Also, you found all of those in the garage? Cool dude


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WoomyNNYes wrote:

Forgive me, that looks like an intro to spam, advert.

It’s ok as long as this person doesn’t link to some store, or tries to sell these copies here.

If it’s just discussion and advice, then the thread is fine.


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@dc415707 you found 22 copies of the game sealed. Good find.

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@dc415707 Your could try talking to Pink Gorilla Games about your options. They helped broker the sale of a rare 1990 Nintendo competition cartridge last year. I don't know if you're familiar with Pink Gorilla Games. They're a retro video game store in Seattle, have two locations. If you've seen Metal Jesus (youtube) he's had the store owners in his videos, kelsey lewin & her husband.

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Appreciate all the replies so far. @WoomyNNYes I'm not familiar with Pink Gorilla Games but just looked them up and will definitely look into it, thanks for that suggestion!



I wouldn't be quick to believe the $100k sale.
It was sold to someone linked to this auction business, as I recall. So it was little more than an advertising stunt.
Not sure if this $114k sale I heard of had any insider-trading stuff going on, but I have no experience or contact with Pink Gorilla but I've heard from other Internet sources they have a better idea of real value.


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