Topic: Would you be okay with Mario Kart having even more non-Mario characters, stages, etc?

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Yeah. It already is becoming like that, so might as well bring in other racers like Kirby, Marth, Olimar, etc.



I'd be more excited for this because of a huge pool of concepts for the tracks, rather than watching a favourite Nintendo characters back as you play (although cool too).

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It already is in every sense but the name. The only way it could become more "Nintendo Kart" is if they changed the name and I can't see any positives that would come from doing that. Everyone knows what "Mario Kart" means, it's a brand in the same way that "The Legend of Zelda", "Super Mario" or "Pokmeon" are.

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ValhallaOutcast wrote:

rallydefault wrote:

As long as it still has the "traditional" Mario characters, I don't see why it would be a bad thing - I mean, that's what MK8 has turned into, basically. They have, what, like a half-dozen non-Mario characters now? The Mii, a couple Animal Crossing, Inklings, Link. It's pretty much already happened lol. Same thing with the stages. Probably about half-dozen that are not "Mario."

agreed, at first I thought this was an old thread, its already filled with non-Mario

Lol yea I read the title and I was like... "uhm... it already is."



I don't know - people would start asking for a lot of characters in a Nintendo Kart game, and a lot really wouldn't fit with the game's tone. Link already is a stretch - Samus would be really weird, for example. Maybe they could make it work, but I don't see it being as factible as it is for SSB.

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isn't it already that just not in name? I'm fine with them having random cameos like in 8 but I think that its core its still best as the mario roster

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Courses would have a whole lot more variety drawing upon all Nintendo games instead of just Mario games.

I would want retro courses to continue though, with courses from the F-Zero series, Stunt Race FX and Diddy Kong Racing being added to the Mario Kart retro courses.

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I wouldn't mind it, but it would kind of suck if some of other Mario characters got cut. Maybe do a separate series.

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Mario and friends Kart? Like many have said the roster includes most major Nintendo franchises so really changing the name won't make any difference. I'd like to see characters like solid snake or evil ken in the game just for the absurdity.

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Some of the stages in Smash Bros are very imaginative - they take inspiration from franchises in the wider Nintendo library and give them a Smash-twist to create some very memorable levels...I'd trust them to do the same in Mario Kart

They're not afraid of twisting the tried and trusted formula - Double Dash was a bit of a departure from the 'classic' to say it worked! ..if they decided to make a Mario Kart with a full Smash roster - even just for a one off game - it'd be pretty interesting ..I'm quite surprised that we haven't seen someone like Captain Falcon before now - with accompanying F-Zero inspired kart and track - you'd think an F-Zero character would be an obvious fit? ..but I'd also be interested to see what they'd do with something totally cray cray - like giving the Wii Fit franchise an MK twist! (Wii Fit Trainer's kart could be an exercise bike perhaps? )

I'd buy it! (but they should keep the iconic 'Mario Kart' name..)

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Not only would Nintendo Kart be cool, it would be awesome to have an open-world MK/NK game a la GTA or Lego City Undercover.

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I changed the title of this because so many people think I was actually referring to a name change.


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The problem with Link is that — in the world of Mario Kart 8 — it should have been Young Link or Wind Waker Link so his knees didn't go up over the handlebar. Skyward Sword was the worst choice, especially after 'lil shorty Breath of the Wild Link was revealed.

I think almost everyone agrees that the baby Dr. metal head Mario characters can go the way of the dodo. What I want is the end to generic characters. I don't want Mario Kart to turn into Smash Bros. in terms of having the same predictable mainstays. No thanks, Daisy, Wario, Ice Climbers, and Captain Falcon — Let's see some new blood. I would be down for Nintendo Kart if — instead of just sticking to obvious picks like Olimar, Villager, Tom Nook, Samus, and Link / Zelda — we got some deep cuts that haven't been around for a while. Characters like Midna, Professor E-Gad, Anju & Kafei, the bounty hunters from Metroid Prime 3, and the champions from Breath of the Wild would be perfect sets to include.

Of course if Mario Kart 9 channels Double Dash and has characters act more like classes, I would be totally cool with looking over other franchises for the sake of more competitive gameplay styles. I hope there are more enemies than princesses and plumbers. Petey Piranha, King Boo, and Dry Bones are perfect characters in my mind. Dry Bowser and every single one of the Koopa Kids less so. And more than anything, I don't want the nice world building of Mario Kart to be compromised.

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I'd prefer a focus on the probably thousands of Mario characters they haven't put in yet (but that would require them to actually acknowledge the characters from the games that have the best characters (the RPGs)).

Otherwise, I don't care.

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Nintendoer wrote:

I changed the title of this because so many people think I was actually referring to a name change.

Well as I said, it already is in every sense but the name. They already took the step of adding non-Mario stuff to Mario Kart. I don't see how adding more non-Mario characters and tracks would be any different. If you're not talking about the name then... yeah, why not? Because they're doing it whether we like it or not.

Honestly as long as series staples remain I don't have an issue with what stuff they add in addition. If I can be Bowser driving along a beach holding a green shell? It's fine by me. Even if in the next race I'm playing as Kirby on Zebes holding a banana. Actually thinking about it, I don't think they should change the items unless it's just a cosmetic change to fit a specific track theme. That's the only thing I'd be concerned about them changing.

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I guess they already do this (F-Zero stages and carts with no characters from the series). But it would be awesome to see it expanded. Metroid themed levels would be amazing. You could even easily incorporate neat Pokemon, Earthbound, and Fire Emblem themed stages without too much effort.

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@kkslider5552000 Good point. Defined characters like Goombella, Toadsworth, and Koops would be better ways to include the Mario enemy races and toads than just their default counterparts.

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