Topic: What Amiibos do you recommend for Breath of the Wild at the start?

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I'm not looking to become super powerful at the beginning of the game since I'm a huge fan that would take the fun right away. I want to know if there's anyone that would be a great starter like link's original armor set without becoming too powerful.



The rewards scale with your progression in the game. No Amiibo will just break the game. But the Amiibo I found most useful was the Guardian one, because it gives you items needed to make and upgrade the guardian armor - many of which are very time consuming to grind naturally.

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Would you rather have a companion during your adventure? Use the Wolf Link amiibo. Otherwise, don't use any.


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None, using Amiibo is cheating.
They said before the game came out that all the things you "unlock" with Amiibo you can collect in game (except Wolf Link of course), but it was a complete lie. I have all the Zelda Amiibos but have never used any of them.


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The Ganondorf amiibo is a nice support for Star Fragments, Lynel Guts, and Diamonds.


8 bit mario amiibo. Just place it next to the tv and glance at it once in a while

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