Topic: The Indie World presentation changed my view on Indie Games!

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For those into chewier games, requiring a bit of thought:

Into the Breach - brilliant bite-size strategy game, which requires you to tackle it like a puzzle game. Absolutely one of my favourite indies on Switch
Toki Tori 2+ - hard as nails puzzle-platformer. You are a super cute bird that can stamp and whistle and... that’s about it. Yet just those two mechanics - which you get from the outset - combine for a fiendish adventure
Return of the Obra Dinn - puzzle game from the brilliant Lucas Pope. It’s basically been dubbed murder sudoku
CrossCode - Legend of Zelda meets Secret of Mana. Puzzles, action and RPG, all rolled into one
Human Resource Machine - fabulous coding-based puzzle game. It’ll make you smarter
Cosmic Star Heroine - OK, this is the least demanding game - it’s basically a love letter to 16-bit RPGs - but it’s got a really crunchy combat system that makes every battle interesting (especially on Heroine difficult and above)

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I'm a big fan of Indies. I like to think fo the AAA games the full meal, but indie games are like snacks. Most are just little bundles of joy. a couple I recommend

  • In Other Waters - if you like reading and visual storytelling then this game is for you. It has such a cool plot and an original idea.
  • The Touryst - one of the most gorgeous games I've played, The Touryst has plenty to do and loads of levels to explore. A
  • Bug Fables - this is one of the longest indie games I've ever played. It's an RPG that takes heavily on the original paper Mario games.
  • Untitled Goose Game - you are a goose. Enough said.


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Yeah development companies who qualify as indie is a bit blurry. But the most basic definition are games that didn't receive financial backing from a publisher or platform holder. For example, Minecraft is the most successful indie game of all time. Yet some folks dismiss the game as not being indie since MS bought Mojang back in 2014.

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There needs to be more mentions of Steamworld Dig (1&2), The Touryst and My Friend Pedro in this thread.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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@jump I’ll see your SteamWorld Digs (which I love), and raise you a SteamWorld Heist. Still their best work, for me.

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@Krull Heist is definitely my favourite SteamWorld game so far too. Quest is a little ahead of Dig 2 for me as well. All great games.


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@Krull and I’ll see your digs and heist and raise a quest. Which is also great and I got for free so I love it even more.

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Indie games are the future,
Nintendo is the only company that keeps on my opinion high standards but many other developers keep doing the same thing, playing it safe going for the money indie developers don’t they make it with so much love, and gameplay is key, above art everything.

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