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so i did some research on the tegra X1 and if i take the following sites information as a truth +switch being based on X1 ; switch is capable of 1 teraflop of power.

based on that i decided to go lookup and research game test videos on cards that run at the same switch flops when undock (470-480 gigaflops or 0.4 teraflops , this is based on fact that gpu runs at 384mhz when undocked and is pure speculation) so i ended up with AMD Radeon R7 240 DDR3 which should provide simmilar speculated information. what i found out from those videos is that the card is more than capable of running high end games on low and medium , games like watch dogs 2 , dishonored 2 , GTA V and deus ex man kind divided ran pretty well and maybe with a bit more optimization they can run great on nintendo switch . i will let you guys watch the videos and decide.

Dishonored 2

Mankind divided

The Witcher 3

if the switch runs in similar performance when its undocked , we maybe looking at an awesome treat of games
And again this is PURE speculation and inaccurate compairson so take it easy

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Perfect for the Switch thread.

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