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I have been thinking for a while that the eshop on the Switch, while quick and easy to navigate, is still very lacking now that we have so many games on it. There are no ratings or reviews, no featured games, and sorting through games is actually a little tedious. My friends and I often mention how we use sites like Nintendo Life or even IGN to look at games we are considering buying.

Here are some ideas I have had.
Best Selling by genre or New Releases by genre.
Featured games perhaps weekly.
Clearly visible tabs for genres.
Price range tabs.

Some of this you can do with the current filters but I think that system is clearly outdated and limited.

What do you think and what would you change?

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subpopz wrote:

Personally, I find the 3DS shop much easier to navigate.

Even though it was slow to load at times, the Wii U eShop already had a lot of what many of us are looking for right now in the Switch eShop.

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