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Resident Evil 7 on Switch!

But you have to stream it, which with the spotty connection on Switch is...gonna be fun if PSNow has issue with less demanding games.

Not only that, 15 minute free trial then $20 for a 180 day rental.

You rent and stream Resident Evil 7 to your Nintendo Switch.

Anyone else feel like they need a drink? Games streaming is NOT there yet. The infrastructure of ISPs is not ready to most people and this just feels...lazy. Not even a native running port.

On one hand itll be the PS4 version in visuals (Maybe, who knows) at optimal connection. Other times a blurry mess.

Id take Capcom releasing this download only in the EU, tiny bit on cart and a forced download elsewhere, as long as it ran natively as a downgraded port...than this.

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What happened to giving games a proper release?



@BezBot The price was translated for easier understanding. Not everyone immediately knows the price of 2000 yen.

@KirbyTheVampire after Capcom has given us a whopping two physical Switch releases in the EU (Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is still nebulous!!!) because its not "Financially viable", and after the shenanigans with the Megaman Legacy Collection being the smaller game on cart download the rest despite totalling less than 5GBs combined, why wouldn't their next move be to give us a game not running natively that you stream and are at the mercy of your connection for....and make it a rental.

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@YummyHappyPills Next they'll be streaming Monster Hunter World on the 3DS or something. Resident Evil 7 is probably gonna look awful on the Switch using this method, so why not keep the train rolling and go one step further?



@KirbyTheVampire A natively running downgraded port wouldnt have the connection paranoia this will. Nor the input delays. In fact, Id take that over something that connection depending could run WORSE than a native port.

Hell Id even take it with the usual helping of Capcom BS that the system receives.

The only way Capcom can out Capcom themselves is a release of a game at retail, but the DLC is the only thing on the cart, you download the main game, but still need to pay forr the DLC.

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Oh boy, game streaming and Nintendo Switch. Together at last!

(there's almost no chance this isn't gonna be a disaster)

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What a strange and unappealing announcement..

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The Nvidia Shield is supposedly very good at streaming games and Nintendo games are being streamed to it in China,a country where internet speeds are not great. If the Shield can handle it,so can the Switch.

I think this a great idea,one of the best current gen games playable on the Switch with no graphical downgrade ,48mb file size and a cheap budget price especially when you consider all of the included DLC included. Provided Capcom can pull it off and it runs well then this bodes very well for the future. We could have all sorts of games come to Switch and power won't be an issue.

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Wait, they can just do that without porting it? Strange. No one expected this game to fit on the system, so that's neat.

Anyway, the more Switch games Capcom release, the more entitled Nintendo fans complain. I think the cure is to stop releasing Switch games, lol.

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My God, I was already getting so excited.
Ugh, Capcom. Why do you have to play the "there's a catch" game?!

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It’s obviously a quick and lazy way to get a game on Switch and the results will vary greatly depending on your connection speeds.

However it offers a few positives.

1. Capcom are showing support. They clearly wanted to get RE7 on Switch quickly - a fact alone which bodes well. It’s a statement about the commercial attractiveness of the platform.

2. In optimal conditions it will look fantastic. Especially on the handheld screen.

3. It’s an obvious roadmap for getting other big games on Switch very quickly should the publishers see potential.

4. Getting that name on the platform is a hook - even for people who will never buy it. “All of the games you’ve heard of are available on Switch”

Long term I’d say one realistic avenue for Switch is for developers to create graphically cut back versions of their games targeting handheld mode and stream
the full fat versions once the Switch is in its dock (reverting to the handheld graphics when the stream is struggling - though I’d guess a fair number of players wouldn’t actually notice the difference). In many ways it’d offer the best of both worlds but it would take a lot more development cost and time.


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I really get the feeling there is some physical card shenanigans going on. Capcom seem to have an aversion to them! This is a step further away!

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Anyone who takes this deal is my mortal enemy...

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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@Tsurii That's why this is Japan-only. It's the only way to secure that at least 90% of the Switch owners is able to play this. Maybe even more.

Regarding PSNow, I haven't tried it yet, because figure, Sony hasn't released it in mainland Europe (their biggest market!). So I can't compare this with anything. 4K video streaming works perfectly fine for me, and the 'game part' doesn't require too much. As long as your Switch is connected to a LAN adapter, and as long as the connection is stable, I don't see why this can't work.

Besides, it's probably the only way to get this game playable on the Switch. And at least the game looks way better than it ever can on a Switch. The only issue I have is that you're renting the game, you're not buying anything, but that's the nature of streaming.



The good part of this announcement is that Switch is going to have a new way to play graphically outstanding games.
If someone could make a stunning-looking high-end-PC game stream to Switch that would be great.
A PS4 game like RE7 should have been on a cart imo.

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That's one small step for Capcom, one giant leap backward for Capcomkind.

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This is a cool thing imo. We play our switches 95% of the time at home even in handheld mode so wouldn't have an issue with connection. Hope this leads to more in the future.

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It's either this or nothing, I guess. We've been hearing about Capcom trying to run the game on the Switch for a long time, so I suppose this is a last resort kind of scenario.

However, I'm not sure if I like the precedent this sets. If this is the way forward for games that just can't realistically be ported to the Switch, fine by me. If we start to see games that could run on Switch with some downgrades get this treatment instead of a regular port, then this sucks.

The worst thing is that I'm not sure where Resident Evil VII falls on that spectrum, which makes this a bit hard to swallow.


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Game streaming works find on the PS4 as long as you have a good connection. I have streamed quite a few games with no problems.

I do think it is odd to offer this service to a wireless only device. I think this option is available because a port of the game is not possible and this game will not actually be running off the Switch hardware.

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