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Characters that i think that they have chances to be as fighters in super smash bros. ultimate:

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion, i will not ask for you to agree with me, but please, just respect it, that is the only thing i want, and if you have another opinion then let me know

Waddle dee: with pretty good results in ballots made by fans (letting us think that the official ballot had similar results), waddle dee is the only character that was playable in return to dreamland yet to be added in smash, and i think he has pretty much everything needed to be in smash, his main costume could be the default waddle dee and his alternate costumes could be bandana dee, halcandran dee and sectra dee (each one having an alternate color per costume so 8 playable waddle dees at the same time is possible), and waddle dee his known to have a lot of variants with different abilities giving him a complete moveset

Crash: i also though of spyro, but after seeing that the character was a leech (not literally, because is a dragon, but what i mean is that spyro is not a character that can leave by himself because his popularity is not big enough so he always tries to take advantage of crash popularity for his own promotion by appearing in so many crash games while also not returning the favor because crash does not need it), yeah, i discarded him, back to crash, i think the moveset can be self explained and with coco as an alternate costume (each one having 4 colors) the character is ready to go

Sigma: after sephiroth, i tried to think on other villians because there are a lot of ideas that can be easily discarded, for example, mad scientifics are pretty hard to incorpore as a fighter because of the fact that small recipes such has move slots have the task to carry such big things that are the thousands of moves that they have because of the dozens of machines they control, which means that characters like dr. robotnik/eggman and dr. wily are unlikely, fighting game villans was also an option that a lot of people seem to believe it can happen and while it looks possible, it has the problem that, well, i can only explain it with the next words "even when it looks really bad, it could be worse", fighting game villans are the epitome of that, for example, sagat who looked like the strongest enemy in the first street fighter was surpassed by m. bison in the sequel, and bison was also surpassed by akuma in the next versions of the game, and akuma was also surpassed short after, why is that a problem? because a part of making a villian iconic is to make them intimidating and with each villian surpassing the last one people are like "sagat, who?" which will be out of place in smash where everything is memorable, so that discard those villians, so the last option and the one that i predict to be the next evil character was sigma, the main antagonist of megaman x (i know it would be weird to have sigma and not x but we already have zero as an assist trophy and x just does not appear), his alternate costumes are self explanatory (if you are a fan of megaman x then you know that sigma is a "cosplay" enthusiast) and since king k rool evidenced the fact that making an amalgam of your different incarnations work then i thing sigma moveset is also self explanatory

Those were the 3 fighters that i predict for the current fighter pass, but, we will see a third one? i think yeah but not the one the people will prefer, i think that the third pass will not only be including just echoes but also in that pass there will be only 3 echo fighters with stages and music, in fact, instead of a pass i think it will be a bundle since i think the 3 echo fighters will be launched at the same time, not only that, but nintendo "trying" to compensate the relatively small bundle of characters compared to the last fighter passes, they will launch not one but two mii costumes based on rowan and lianna from fire emblem warriors

You might be wondering, who could possibly be those 3 echoes, well, i think 2 of the 3 will be a bit controvertial

The first one and definitely the worst is going to be paper mario, which is going to be an echo fighter of dr. mario (it is not a echo of mario because of the fact that paper mario does not use fludd and that the down special of dr mario is pretty compatible with paper mario because it can represent a powered up jump of paper mario)

The next echo will be hilda from zelda: a link between worlds, she will be obviously an echo of zelda

The last echo was kinda hard to make, i initially though of a fire emblem echo based on ike but i do not think there is going to be a new fire emblem title released by the moment the bundle is released (i think the bundle will be released between june and july on 2022 and the fire emblem game will be released between september and october of the same year), then i though of shadow the hedgehog but he was an assist, after making up my mind, i decided to choose gooey, and he will be an echo fighter of kirby, in dreamland 3, both characters have the same abilities so the moveset is self explanatory and he can have his female counterpart has an alternate costume (with 4 colors each)

That would end with the dlc of smash ultimate, or it could be, but surely nintendo will know that after that bundle that compared to the fighter passes is lackbuster the consumers will be unsatisfied and that is going to ruin the company reputation.

To sort of calm down the hunger of the fans, they are going to release a standalone fighter and they are going to make the same move as they did with pirahna plant and make it a bonus, the difference is that while pirahna plant was a bonus for the ones who purchased super smash bros. ultimate early, this fighter is going to be a bonus for the ones that purchased every single challenger pack (from both the two fighter passes and the echo bundle) before december 31 2022

Who is going to be this fighter? i really do not have any idea, since pirahna plant was unexpected and unasked, we can expect anything

Personally, i would like to see a character that can break the internet, even more than pirahna plant and steve, but there is a character that is more crazy than them? Yes, there is one that at first it seems that it is impossible because of the rule of "only characters that are originated from videogames or at least only characters that are important thanks to videogames (such as rob who did not originated from a videogame but those videogames gave him an identity)" but that rule has a hole where the character fits perfectly

That character is none other than Slender (Slenderman or Slender Man), his costumes can be as generic as possible because no one will care (still, it would be appreciated if he came with colors that represent other creepypastas) and the moveset can be self-explained by looking at those tentacles (not to mention that he also can teleport himself). Now i think you want to know how is that hole on the rule of smash and why slenderman fits, the answer is simple and complex at the same time. Anyone that can call himself a creator of any kind knows that before creating anything you need first to have an idea, a concept, and then you can make that a reality, videogames are not an exception of that rule, but, a concept can take a lot of different forms and as long as that concept does not take form then there are infinite possibilities, for example, anime characters, comic characters, manga characters, movie characters, tv-show characters, book characters, and a big etcetera, the concepts were initially planned for an specific media with no plan to move to other media at first (in some cases, there are plans for other media even before the concept reaches that media but only if the concept is succesfull in the intended media), for example, dragon ball concept was planned for a manga but because of the relatively good success that concept was adapted to an anime and then other medias, but just because goku appeared on a videogame does not mean he is a videogame character because his concept was for a manga and the anime gave him an identity so he is a manga/anime character, another trouble is the fact that by putting the concept on the unintended media you are sort of disrespecting the source material because of the fact that the formats are not the same and we know that smash is a franchise that revolves in respecting the source material so doing the contrary is an unaceptable sin, that is why smash bros limits itself to only videogames so respecting the source material is more impactful and it has the least cons of doing that out of every other media. It seems like that marks the end for the idea of slenderman as a fighter, right? well, there is actually an exception to that rule, named beliefs, beliefs are things that can be represented in the way anyone like, like religion (from a bible wrote in papyrus to drawings on a pyramid to basically every kind of media possible), in other words, there is no correct way to represent the beliefs because anyone can represent it in a different way, like the kid icarus series were the religion is represented in a way that is neither correct or wrong. Now back to slender, the first appearance of slenderman was in a forum and it was just an edited photo with a description but the autor (aka victor surge, because his real name can be confused with the name of certain actor) just gave the superficial aspects and he did not gave much more deep information and that let thousands of people to gave slenderman an identity (to this day, there is not a correct slenderman, there are thousands of slenderman that follow the same base but deep within them they have differences), basically, the creator let an official concept of slenderman on that forum and the people unofficially adapted that concept for a lot of medias, and that is one reason why slenderman as a fighter is possible. Speaking about an identity, i am pretty sure that someone who is reading this sure believed that when i mentioned multiple medias i was doing a hint about actors and actresses (aka real people) having possibilities of being in smash, but that just cannot happen, why? because the actors lack a real identity, what do i mean? for example, keanu reeves is known for the characters he make but without them keanu reeves sort of not exist, it is not like slenderman were despite the multiple adaptations there is only one slenderman and it is more than enough and that is the second reason why slenderman as a fighter is possible. There is one last reason and i want to talk about it now, is slenderman iconic? as you may know by now, the golden age of creepypastas is over since 11 years ego and since 6 years ago the creepypastas were starting to get old, but that did not stop some references here and there about slenderman, especially thanks to both the game (slender the arrival, which despite being mediocre, it showed up that there is still room for slender man in the current culture, and by the way, this game was the first official adaptation to a media for slenderman, that is right, the official creator of slenderman was a producer of a game launched on 2013 based on the 2009 creepypasta he created and the game uses a story made by fans) and the movie (which despite being really bad, it showed up that there are still ideas for slenderman despite the age and the movie is just an ambitious concept represented in the laziest way possible, which sucks because it marked the almost 10th anniversary of slenderman), some of you might be wondering why slenderman but not jeff the killer which is the face of creepypastas, well, the face of creepypastas died along them, no one references or respects jeff anymore unlike slenderman, which is interesting because in the golden age jeff surpassed slenderman but when the year of the start of the decay appeared, jeff slowly moved to slenderman shadow, and slenderman at the same time, is in the shadow of his old glory, but that does not mean anything because literally everyone at least heard the name "slender", that character was introduced in the popular folklore of a relatively little time ago so obviously everyone at least heard about him. Slender has everything that is necessary to be in smash, it just a matter of nintendo wants or not.



I just hope Masahiro Sakurai stops adding characters to Smash at the end of this season.

You've done enough for Smash and Iwata's dying wish, Sakurai-san.

Go make Kid Icarus Uprising 2, please.

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I would love Toad to be in it, maybe with Captain Toad and Toadette skins. He's such a mainstream Nintendo staple it's bizarre he's not been in any of the games.



+1 for Bandana Waddle Dee
+1 for Toad
+1 for Fighters Pass 3
+1 for Echoes Pass
+WTF for Slenderman

Paper Mario is too different to be an Echo of any fighter.

+1 for Chibi-Robo - most wanted Mii costume-to-fighter upgrade
+1 for Elma - most wanted spirit-to-fighter upgrade
+1 for Saki Amamiya - most wanted assist trophy-to-fighter upgrade (if Sakurai can take a good chunk of Sin And Punishment's gameplay and put it into Kid Icarus Uprising then it's time to bring the protagonist of the original inspiration to Smash)

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If papyrus is not in smash, me and my little brother will be very disappointed



@SKTTR Idk why but every time I tell people i want paper mario they tell me they don;t want another mario fighter, and when I He wouldn't be like mario at all, they tell me yes he will, Paper mario really needs to be in this game and chibi-robo people have been asking for him for years.

Nintendo are like woman, You love them for whats on the inside, not the outside.

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@Clyde_Radcliffe As long as they give him he double dash voice.

Nintendo are like woman, You love them for whats on the inside, not the outside.

(My friend code is SW-7322-1645-6323, please ask me before you use it) Remind me to ask jump about those ninja skills of his.

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pretty sure we'll see Crash, Dante or Phoenix, and Reimu as our last three fighters.


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Current predictions are

  • A Capcom rep (leaning towards Phoenix to promote Ace Attorney and celebrate its anniversary; Monster Hunter Mii costumes have yet to return, would be relatively unexpected compared to Monster Hunter or Dante and that's kind of the general theme of Ultimate DLC)
  • Doom Slayer (I see Slayer as a reverse Hero - comes from a historic franchise that really helped to create a genre, but isn't particularly big in Japan whereas Dragon Quest isn't big here in the US, some minor evidence)
  • Ryu Hayabusa (general inside info has pointed towards him and Nintendo's relationship with Koei Tecmo is very good right now)

Could maybe see an additional challenger pack for free or something as a "thank you" for the success of Ultimate, and I think at the very least we're going to see the last 3 slots on the stage select screen filled, with or without characters accompanying them. Why else would random be split into 3 different slots for regular, Battlefield, and Omega forms?


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