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Just saw Mushroom Wars 2 on the Switch eShop releasing July 5th for $17.99. This is the first I've seen of it though MW2 came out Oct 2016 on mobile and Oct 2017 on Steam. The first game on PS3 was awesome, both in single player and mutliplayer. I played a mobile version after that which kind of sucked though. I'm hoping this is more like the PS3 version on Switch, also PS4 and X1 according to their website.

Anybody been playing this on Steam or mobile? Mobile had some typically bad free-to-start reviews, seemed better on Steam though.

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I haven't played it but it looks great.



It's a very good little game that has a good life, the mechanics are interesting. Only 3 free level after you have to pay (which is a shame because the game is beautiful) but otherwise it is a game with great potential.


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