Topic: Is the "Switch is gouging on accessories" complaint valid?

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@BiasedSonyFan People have brought up the Xbox One Elite controller too. I don't think it's a fair comparison, because both have a budget option; A regular Xbox One controller and a regular Xbox One (S). There's no ''budget'' dock, Pro Controller or Joy-Con Grip for example. I wouldn't have an issue with the €90 dock if there was a €30 dock available!



Whoops, I forgot that everyone who dares to say something about the price of the Switch accessories already owns an Xbox One and is also planning on getting a Scorpio. Completely forgot about that!



Eric258 wrote:

You get a lot from just buying the system itself - Console, Dock, Joy-Con Grip, Joy-Con straps and the Joy-Con Controller which is essentially two controllers. They also put a lot of stuff in both the Joy-con and Pro controllers with motion controls, amiibo, HD rumble and a 20/40 hour battery life (depending on controller). You don't need the Pro Controller since the Joy-Con with the grip are fine to use and the case and screen protectors are things you always have to buy separately when buying a handheld console. The only thing I'm a bit iffy on is probably the dock but other than that, I think Nintendo have been pretty generous. I honestly didn't expect this much stuff to be packed in with the console.

I really enjoyed this post because you're calling Nintendo "generous" for packing in the bare minimum that makes their console functional for the purpose it's been designed for. This is so typical of somebody living in NintendoLand.
You whiners should learn a thing or two from this guy — you even got all the cables in the package, you lucky gits, and you're still not happy.

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If someone is into multiplayer gaming, I can see the problem with the accessories. The 4-player Party Mode of Snipperclips is locked behind an $80 wall, as I cannot play it fully with my siblings until I get myself another pair of Joy-Cons. The upcoming ARMS, specifically that recent 2 vs. 2 match they showed, would mean $240 in Joy-Cons depending on that game's controller options and how exactly that match style is set up locally. Mario Kart 8 DLX will likely run me into needing more controllers too, and possibly even Splatoon 2 depending on what it offers for local multiplayer. I'm a little spoiled from the Wii U generation in that I could make use of accessories I already had from the Wii, and in that sense what's going on with the Switch does feel a bit more expensive than the last generation. Thankfully, I just got to get an extra set or two of Joy-Cons (and potentially grips) one time around to experience the multiplayer with my siblings.

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Some of it is a valid complaint. Mostly if things continue like this. Because if Switch is remotely as successful as people say it will be, and knowing the amount of Nintendo's own software dominates their consoles, Nintendo's reluctance to charge anything below getting an easy profit (when they will inevitably get a ton of profit from this console and its games alone), seems somewhat short-sighted in terms of making customers feel like they can reasonably get the best Switch experience, thus wanting to play and support the console and Nintendo in the future.

But the actual tech is mostly worth the price. Despite any ignorance about graphics automatically = cash, Switch and its main accessories are pretty advanced pieces of technology that are priced mostly comparably to what anyone else would in the industry.

So the complaints are valid, but entirely miss the point of why they are valid (see also: any game with poorly implemented motion controls).

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Actually based on the Australian pricing the WiiMote + Nunchuck combo was ~$100AU during the Wii era and the JoyCon pair is $120AU now. So adjusted for inflation there's basically no difference in the cost. And on the Wii "equivalent" you needed another accessory again if you wanted to play games on the SNES and N64 VC in addition to the lack of two player options for the Wii equivalent. So the Switch isn't just giving you more than the Wii did out of the box. It's doing it at a lower price.

I think you're missing the point with the Elite controller comparison. When I brought it up I was making a point about how nobody cares that that controller exists. And yet with the Switch the price of entirely optional accessories like the dock are cause for endless whine in the comments section. I don't agree with the pricing of the dock but given there's no reason for me to get it I can't complain. And in a big household where such a thing might be needed I think it's fair to assume that someone else may get a Switch of their own eventually. At which point an extra dock will just appear.

I think you're missing the point here. The thing we're arguing about here is the whine from people who will list optional accessories as if they're part of the cost. But the truth is that Nintendo does include everything you need in the box for a full single player experience. In addition the fact that the JoyCon can be split into two means you don't necessarily have to buy extra controllers for two player with some games.

Of course all this stuff is kinda built into what the Switch is but still. Out of the box I have a portable and a home console (Wii U kinda did this). I can do two player for a simpler game like Mario Kart (Famicom only?). I have a pair of motion controllers which I can either use for single player in a game like Arms (Wii had this) or share with a second player for a Wii Sports style game (a first). I have enough buttons that I could play any classic game they release (Wii didn't have this). And yes, it has all the cables needed for the best video signal it can output (only true since HDMI).

At one point or another consoles have done some of these things out of the box. None have even come close to doing all of them. Infact the only thing I can think of that Nintendo doesn't include with the Switch that they have included before is a carrying case. Because the Gameboy had one of those.

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On one side, some accessories like the Pro Controller are a bit on the expensive side.... but on the other side, they're all optional. So I don't get the whining, the Switch is playable out of the box.

Okay, maybe throw in a screen protector or tempered glass but it isn't really expensive.

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I don't think the inflation will bring that price up that high BUT you brought up Virtual Console which basically need another controllers. So I'm convinced and I'm agreeing with you on there. I guess I'm too excited for ARMS but need another controllers to play with somebody.

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Super_Gravy wrote:

I don't think the inflation will bring that price up that high

EBGames Australia in 2009 from
WiiMote: $70AU
Nunchuck: $30AU
Classic Controller: $30AU

These prices were the same fairly consistently unless you brought them used. Even when Motion Plus came along they maintained the price point. The JoyCon Set as of today? $120AU. If I plug $120AU as of today into an Australian inflation calculator? It lines up with $100AU in 2008. In other words before 2008 the WiiMote & Nunchuck was more expensive than the JoyCon pair is now, after 2008 it became cheaper. So I think I'm being reasonable saying it was about the same price especially given how much more you can do with a JoyCon set.

Of course I assume that different countries will have different prices and different rates of inflation. So maybe what I'm saying doesn't apply to other countries. But if something's true here in terms of the change in prices then it's probably close enough in other regions that it's not worth writing home about.

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@skywake : It's also worth mentioning that the Joy-Con are completely wireless and do not require a sensor bar (an optional accessory/expense for those who opted for a Basic Wii U), or for the two devices to be physically connected to one another a la the Wii Remote and Nunchuk configuration.

Both Joy-Con also include a rechargeable battery, making them overall better value than the Wii Remotes. I just wish that they included a speaker (however tinny) for possible Wii VC/ports, and the fact that I loved the way in which the Wii Remote speakers were used in games such as WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

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Well the sensor bar was an almost zero cost component and it was only really needed because the original WiiMote lacked the gyro. If the Wii had launched with gyros in the WiiMote I'm not sure the sensor bar would have existed at all. It's definitely good for calibration but in terms of actual functionality it's not a huge loss given the JoyCon can get close enough with just the gyro.

As you said the loss of the speaker is the main thing its missing. But in exchange for that loss it gains a low frequency version of the same idea with HD Rumble. It gains full face-button diamonds on both hands over just the A/1/2 the Wii had for the right hand. It also adds a second trigger and analogue stick on the right hand over the 1 trigger and D-Pad. We also get gyro and rumble in the left hand neither of which were on the Wii unless you were holding two WiiMotes.

Adding that much and only losing audio feedback? It's definitely a more fully featured controller. If I have any complaints at all it's that it doesn't have a D-Pad. Though at least this time the closest thing it has to a D-Pad is in your left hand in a comfortable to reach position. Remember 2D games on the Wii that had some pointer controls? Terrible.

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@spizzamarozzi Dude, simply because I was surprised how much stuff was in the box does not mean I'm living in "Nintendo Land". There are plenty of things I think Nintendo are doing wrong such as their YouTube policy, voice chat and other stuff being done through an app, them discontinuing production of the Classic NES and etc. I just think it's a fair price for everything you get with it.

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@BiasedSonyFan But you were assuming that the people that are going to upgrade to the Scorpio and that are complaining about the pricing are the same group. I think there's very little overlap there.

It's not about what I can afford or not. Can I afford the €90 dock? Of course. When I'm getting a Switch, I would like a second dock, but I don't think it's worth the €90.

If every Switch game was €10 more expensive than on other consoles, would that be a problem? I could still afford it, but would you like that? It's the small differences that matter.

@skywake I got your point, I just don't think the comparison was entirely fair. As I explained earlier, I don't think anyone would have an issue with the dock price if there was a cheaper option available too. The Xbox Elite Controller (and Scorpio) is a premium version of an already existing product. If you think the Elite Controller is too expensive (and it is!), you can always buy a regular controller. You can't do that with the dock.



I think the complaints about the cost of Vita memory cards was valid. In the same way that it was fair to complain about how the 360 handled HDD upgrades. Or how memory cards worked on consoles before internal storage became a thing. At least before the mid 2000s memory cards for digital cameras weren't a thing. From then on there wasn't really much reason not to use SD-Cards.

In the case of the dock the cheaper option would be to not buy a second dock for your second TV. If they were to make a cheap SKU of the dock then there'd be no reason for the expensive dock to exist. Again, 100% in agreement that it should be cheaper. I think it should be close to half the price. But it's a bit hard to complain about the cost of an accessory that's clearly targeted towards more money than sense crowd.

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@skywake considering whom you cited for reactions to prompt you to make this thread I would take the whole thing with a grain of salt. I mean did everyone buy all those wii plastic addons? How about thePS Move or Eye? Some people like to have an open forum to air their grievances with the world, without any reproach or perspective. Why else would you come to a site full of people that enjoy Nintendo and crap on them daily (before someone gets up in arms, that has nothing to do with one's ability to express an opinion, but if I hate something and I can't move on for that I'd go to be around like minded people. Same with if I love something ---that's why I here and not Push Square.) but bang your drum on EVERY article you can get your keyboard on?

Some people forget that accessories are optional and are there to suit various play styles. I'm getting the HRAP when it comes out and it will be at least 150USD. I already know this because I've been buying and building fight sticks for years. Yet I don't expect a non FG fan to go "Oh gosh darn it Nintendo/Hori I can't afford the switch now!" I would say the only thing you need are a Case and a screen protector (in general, nothing to do with the dock) to enjoy the Switch out of the box. If you are just using it as a home console you can scratch that and maybe pick up a pro controller (I like the joycons by themselves better personally but that is just me) if you are so inclined. EVERY game system under the sun has accessories. The Switch comes multiplayer ready out of the box. That is a major plus in my book and rare outside of a bundle(still rare now). The joycons last forever, so I don't even see the point of the charging grip. However I do see that others might and they have the option to buy it.

I wouldn't pay users that whine about gaming being expensive any mind honestly. No one is entitled to video games or the means to fund the hobby. I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to things like this. Want it and can't afford it? Get a job and learn how to save (been working since 14 and did neighborhood jobs before that. I have no empathy at all for the whining mentality. Products cost with it). Still can't afford it (because you want to own EVERYTHING), gaming isn't for you.

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I had been wanting to get the Hori stand since it was only $12. Always out of stock. When I finally saw it available it was $30 from other sellers. I just got one today delivered from Amazon. They listed it being available next week so I ordered it. They updated my delivery status a week earlier than expected.

Bottom line is don't pay more than you should. Let the scampers eat their costs.



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