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After 20 years "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition" is bringing GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas portable to the Nintendo Switch (Oled/Lite). Are you planning to get this game?

Its releasing:

Now : Nintendo eShop
07-12 : In real stores.

Price: around 50 and 60,-

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There is no news yet on what specific additions there are, or how exactly the graphics have been improved, right?

For me it depends on the price and the added enhancements.



You can imagine how EXCITED i'm to play SA on an Nintendo home console with enchanced graphics!

Just, PLEASE don't be a port of the mobile versions or it's a easy pass from me.

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Great for people who haven’t played these. Great classics. I still have them for the ps2. The value for these games are really low.

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I've never played a GTA game before so I'm pretty interested in getting this!

I'm always so close to finishing my backlog but then that one game that never goes on sale happens...

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I'd really like a physical copy.



I remember playing Vice City back in the day and rage quitting at a mission where you have to pilot a remote control helicopter in a construction site.

Hopefully my skills have improved! Saints Row 3 is one of my favourite Switch games (not exactly the same, I know) so I'll be giving it another try.



@Mii_duck Oh yeah, I got saints row 3 back when it was free on epic. I love it so much.

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I'm interested. I played a little bit of Vice City when it was new and a little bit of San Andreas a few years after it came out, but that's about it. Very curious how much I'd get into the older games after having played, loved and been annoyed at the lack of any single player follow up to GTA 5.

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@Mii_duck I remember that mission. That was tough

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Odd that Nintendo wouldn't add this to their recent Direct. It was already leaked to shreds and it would have been a nice cherry on top with all the other stuff they showed. These are good games, even if the additions to it are minor I actually find the system of progression and missions to be much more fun in these games than in 5.

They could have also bundled in 1 and 2, those games are really small and it would have made a nice "legacy pack" of old GTA games, but the package we're getting is quite nice anyway and good value.



@Mii_duck THE EXACT SAME PLACE I gave up on! 😠😡🤬

I hope there's a way to skip missions in these updates otherwise I'll get stuck at the same place and move onto SA.



Yeah I haven’t played any of them. So this’ll be a fun chance to explore just why people like this franchise so much. Especially considering they’re PS2 games running on Switch there’s hopefully gonna be zero performance issues whatsoever.

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TheJGG wrote:

Yeah I haven’t played any of them. So this’ll be a fun chance to explore just why people like this franchise so much. Especially considering they’re PS2 games running on Switch there’s hopefully gonna be zero performance issues whatsoever.

Even though I am a big retro gamer, I will worn you that the controls have dated quite a bit on these. Graphics don't really bother me, just find them a bit clunky to play. Still, you soon get used to it I guess.



@TheJGG I'll admit, I never was crazy about these games. Whereas I did appreciate their scope and ambition, there were better 3rd person action games and much better racers at the time. If it's released physically (and there is plenty of time for it not to lol) then I'll grab it

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I'll probably just grab it on PlayStation 5 to be honest.

Also be interesting to see if the original San Andreas is the one we get here, or the toned down version that was later released in its place after the original was considered too crude and pulled off shelves here in Aus.

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Interesting. I'll consider getting this if Rockstar releases a physical version (with all games fully included on cart), and if they'll willing to deal with licensing issues to have the music fully intact for each title. A bit unrealistic for the latter, but oh well.


@Tendo64 : That wasn't quite what happened. San Andreas was recalled internationally after data miners found a hidden interactive sex scene in the code (that isn't accessible without mods). This resulted in the game being re-rated AO in the US (no retailer will stock AO-rated games and are an anomaly, much like NC-17 rated movies). In Australia, it wasn't banned per se, but its classification was revoked (which is standard practice when material is later discovered to have not been brought to the Board's attention), effectively prohibiting it from sale until resubmitted.

A version with the "Hot Coffee" content excised was later classified MA15+ in Australia and approved for sale in other territories.

Rockstar could theoretically release a new version in Australia and Europe today with the sex game as part of normal gameplay and it would get an R18+ classification without issue, but it would unlikely fly with the US censors at their M (17+) rating.

GTA III however, was censored in Australia due to the ability to engage with prostitutes and subsequently kill them and retrieve monies previous paid. The Board considered this to constitute sexual activity in relation to an incentive or reward and banned the game (as per the guidelines at the time, and the fact that an R18+ classification was not yet legislated for games).

A version that removed the ability to interact with prostitutes entirely was approved with an MA15+ classification. The Mac and iOS ports of GTA3 were similarly censored solely for the Australian market (even though iOS software was not bound by Australian Classification Board decisions at the time of its release).

And two years ago, Rockstar had submitted the uncut version of Grand Theft Auto III for classification once more and it was finally approved with an R18+ classification with the amusingly specific consumer advice of "Sexual activity relating to incentives and rewards", which will be the rating that the trilogy will carry.

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