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I have had my switch about 12mths, and the few weeks I have noticed it keeps drifting upwards, it has started to really bug me as it affects my games, after googling it I have noticed it's a common problem, I have cleaned it and re-sync the controller but it still does it, any advice or other tips?



Google and common problem there are two irony that doesn't always work well together. You should first contact Nintendo support on this issue.



I've had mine since August 31, 2017, so probably going to buy another left Joy-con to replace my defective one, since it's been doing that sometimes for about 7 months. I've been avoiding Mario Kart because of it.

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My left stick started drifting up really badly, but had it since release so just got a new one.
At some point going to get a new stick from Amazon (they are only about £7) and repair it.


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