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Exposure to tobacco smoke (or really most forms of smoke) can cause significant damage to electronics over time, especially anything that uses a cooling fan such as the Switch. As mentioned, the soot and tar accumulate in the device and gunk up major components and circuitry. As your gran doesn't smoke when you're over or, presumably, near the unit, I doubt significant harm would come to it. Still, I'd minimize any exposure in general.

To be honest, I'm more concerned about your gran and think you and your family should encourage her to quit if you haven't already. She'll ultimately have to make the decision on her own, but there are many ways, as mentioned above, to get help. I know/have known several people who have had health issues related to smoking.

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Just put a nicotine patch on Switch



NinChocolate wrote:

Just put a nicotine patch on Switch

Careful mate, the internet police are on patrol and don't take kindly to joking around on such a serious issue.

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CactusMan wrote:

It needs a lot of second hand smoke before it starts malfunctioning. Moving gramps with his cigars and whiskey to the man cave filed with retro tech isn´t recommended. Besides that I woudn´t worry to much. Electronics like smartphones and laptops are outdated before being affected by secondhand smoke. Maybe be weary about wearing Rolex watches at smokey scenes.

Does this imply the existance of Nintendo Switch first hand smoking? 🤔


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