Topic: Voice Chat not working on Fortnite(Switch): Parental Controls Solution: "Communication with others" must be set to "Not Restricted" for voice chat to work.

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(I created this thread for the solution to the most common scenario that kept coming up here in the forum.)

If you can't turn voice chat on in Fortnite because of Switch Parental Controls:
Parental controls, by default, are in the Switch console settings (the gear icon on Switch's home screen). If you setup the app for the Switch Parental Controls app, then you must use the app to change settings.

In Switch Parental Controls, under "Restriction Level", "Communication With Others" must be set to "Not Restricted" for voice chat to work on Fortnite. Otherwise, Fortnite settings will not let you turn voice chat "On".

Notes for App:
** After you toggle the App setting, YOU MUST TAP THE ORANGE CHECK MARK on the screen to apply the setting change.
** If the switch console is on & connected to the internet, changes in the Parental Control app settings will be applied to the Switch instantaneously. If you change the settings in the App while the Switch is off, you may have to go into the Switch settings (the gear icon on the Switch home screen), go to Parental Controls, and hit "sync with app" for the new settings to be applied.

*Note: Regarding bluetooth: While Nintendo added bluetooth audio support via firmware update Sept 2021, The Switch's bluetooth does not support the microphone use. The only way to use a microphone in Fortnite through the Switch is via plugging into the headphone jack or, with a thrid party adapter (I don't know that third party adapter market to recommend anything)

If you're still stuck:

How do I fix voice chat issues in Fortnite?

Fortnite support contact page

EDIT: 12-29-2020 Fornite update changed the settings menu. If voice chat says "Disabled", here's the new menu. Open SETTINGS, select AUDIO, and "VOICE CHAT on/off" is in there.

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