Topic: Sonic games won’t suck anymore, Sega promises.

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/squints really hard
Didn't they say this after Sonic 06



NintendoFan990 wrote:

@Fazzie_Bear: It's debatable whether Lost World was good or not. Personally, I hated it. Generations, on the other hand, is fantastic.

I guess so. I guess because of that ambiguity, and can't be called generally "bad", but not generally "great" either.

Anyways, my point is, I'm noticing a pattern here. And I want to take Sega seriously, but they've pulled this so many times now.

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I didn't even like Generations! I've been waiting for decades now. You could even say I've been waiting for.....generations...

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WaveGhoul wrote:

Sonic games have sucked since their debut. It cracks me up when they say they're going to o back to the series roots ala' megadrive Sonic and deliver, when really, the series core gameplay has been flawed from the get go. These games want you to go fast(marketing gimmick to make Mario look slow and dull) but that's when they're at their least playable. "Speed kills" in sonics case. And when you're carefully moving slow the controls/platforming feels clunky and sloppy. Never understood the praise the first 3 genesis games received. I owned the first 2 when they debut and I thought they were mediocre at best.

Sonic IMO works better in 3D), when you can clearly see what's in front of you from a mile away.

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I know why the games have been having some rough times (aside from a few entries like Generations, daytime Unleashed and Colors).... no Chao Garden.

Most of the issues with seemed to begin with Sonic Heroes. Before that? Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle). When the timesink went, they began a slow slide into trouble... which soon transitioned into a steep slope, and then free fall... at least until daytime Unleashed or Colors, in which they got proper footing.... then Lost World was released, and the slope returned. Sonic Boom wasn't a free fall... more like atmospheric re-entry.

So there you have it. Chao are the key to bringing Sonic back to proper form. Proven with SCIENCE*.

*Science may or may not actually be science. Void where prohibited. Batteries not included. The opinions expressed in this post are that of the poster, who liked Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle), and feels things just havn't been the same ever since his favourite timesink vanished.

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