Topic: Should I buy a Switch for Zelda, or a 3DSXL for the games I've missed out on?

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Switch. The 3DS has some good games, but none of them hold a candle to the likes of BotW and Mario Odyssey, and most of the IPs we saw on 3DS are going to end up there anyway.


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@PuppyToucher Haha yeah I did not really sure why I made another post. But to wrap it up I went with the Switch and have been playing the heck out of BoTW. Gonna get a 3DS when I’m finished with that.



@Super- Actually there are more games worth playing on the Switch. And if you haven't been 'around' since 2008, buying a cheap second-hand Wii U might even be a valid option! Sure, it failed commercially, but it has many great and unique games to offer.

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Most Wii U games are ending up on Switch though, plus with portability, added content and better performance.

Wii U is good for Wii games though, and if you mod the vWii which is super easy (like a 20 min job) you can play GameCube from SD card, in widescreen, displayed in 1080p, and with a Wii U Pro Controller, Switch Pro Controller or even Xbox One controller.

That's worth it just to not keep a Wii or GC around and burn up the disc drive. Unless you have a PC with Dolphin, which makes them look so good you'd think you were playing new Switch releases.

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