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You're not the only one who feels this way, as a Smurfs fan myself, I loved this game. I dare say say it's one of my favorite games from last year. Fun platformer, and it captured the Smurfs' world really well. Smurf village felt lively, smurfs walking around going about their day. I still find myself playing it just to explore around as Smurfette.

Worth noting, I played the PC version from GOG, it's the same game on Switch I'd imagine.



@korosanbo I didn't encounter any. At least I didn't notice any.

@Sunsy I think some may have thought this was a kiddy game. Couldn't be farther from the truth though. Some parts were pretty hard and you would have to try multiple times. I hope this gets more recognition because it is a really good game and I hope to see more Smurf games.



@TenEighty Wild Smurf's treetop level, plenty of times to fall off into the unknown. Still was satisfying to explore it and seeing what I can reach.

They announced another one today. This time it's a kart racer. I love how some of the smurfs from The Lost Village movie and the new cartoon (I still have to see it, I don't have cable, so I have the DVD ordered) are in it.

I should mention, I love how Mission Vileaf adapted the style from the recent Smurfs movie and cartoon.



@Sunsy Looking forward to the racer later this year. I hope it is as good as Vileaf.

@korosanbo That I can understand but this one is actually really good.



@TenEighty "Some parts were pretty hard and you would have to try multiple times." The only legit hard section I went through was Gargamel's home where you're being chased by his searchlight and he nearly matches your pace. If you're not huffing it and get in his light too long then it's a one hit kill.

The negatives I have is a lack of other landmarks or at least a map in Smurf Village especially when you're looking for Handy to upgrade your gear.

When you fully upgrade your gear the collectibles I don't think they have any further use besides getting a 100% score (some of the collectibles are at least 1/2 way to Sunshine's blue coins). I would like to see something like a bio cards for the places you visit, the enemies you fight and the characters you encounter and or concept art to make up other collectibles. Last but least, when you cross the growing Mario Odyssey-style flower bridge, the pathway is a bit narrow and would be wider by a few more inches. But otherwise, yeah. A pretty good game.

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