Topic: So is Nintendo going to keep supporting Amiibo or not?

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I feel like they've been in limbo for a while now. Very few new titles have made much if any use of them. But we are still getting them for Smash (even though no girl Byleth makes me cry) and they are reprinting at least some of the Animal Crossing cards.

It's like they don't want to actually support the function but also refuse to move on.

What do you think, Smash and AC series finish and Nintendo stops selling them, or it's just been a lull in the line and in the future they will return?

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It's probably only being kept alive as a promo tie in to new games now. Nintendo are probably aware of how much of a short lived fad the whole "toys-to-life" genre was after Skylanders ended and Disney Infinity got cancelled alongside Disney Interactive shuttering their doors.

It'll exist as a companion piece to promote or market new games or in the case of Smash, new characters due to the iconography of the characters they have access to, but nothing more


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It really should, it has a good thing going here, plus its better then the other toys to life saying how they all died, But with nintendos they can last as long as they want it to plus there rich AF.

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@TheFrenchiestFry Since the whole toys to life fad is dead I think Lego Demensions was the last one, I can see Nintendo still producing Amiibos just maybe as collector pieces rather then being able to use them in game. A majority of people who bought the Amiibos were for collecting purposes rather then using them in game.

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@Tasuki Yeah, I honestly couldn’t care less about what they do in-game (besides maybe Smash). I have only bought two so far, and basically just because they’re fun (and cheap) little statues to display in my house. To me, they’re basically just symbols of two series that are very important to me, Animal Crossing and Zelda. So, I think it’s likely that they keep selling them in some capacity, but phase out the actual game functionality.

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@ToadBrigade Yep displaying them is the only reason why I even thought about buying a few of them and then again only ones of my favorite game series, Mega Man, Ryu, Link. But in the end I already have way to much stuff so I passed on them. I don't play Smash so what they do in game doesn't mean anything to me.

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@Tasuki yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head.

They're collector's items. That doesn't mean they're entirely pointless, obviously, but their function with games is entirely secondary by this point, the only exception being the Animal Crossing cards, seeing how they allow you to do a lot more with them than any other games these days.

Their value as a nice little thing to put on a shelf is likely also why some 3rd parties still like to have them manufactured for their franchises like with Diablo's imp(?), the Indie amiibos or the Monster Hunter ones.

Edit: oh, yeah. This is kind of the most important thing about amiibos as they are rn, but they're affordable figurines. A lot of them are actually pretty well made and not that small (I'm mainly thinking about ones like the SMO Bowser, the bigger Smash characters like K.Rool or the Guardian amiibo)
The big issue with them is that they can get seriously expensive once they're not in production anymore, of course...

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I think amiibo will last until the Switch's successor launches and then Nintendo moves on. With the Smash DLC, Fighters Pass 1 ended in January 2020 and the amiibo finished releasing in March 2021 so I'd guess the final Smash series amiibo will launch late 2022/early 2023 and then that's it (comments from Nintendo in May 2020 suggests the Switch's successor launches around March 2023).

But I do think some amiibo that isn't the Smash series will release before the final Smash amiibo launch. We've already got 3D World amiibo confirmed which the Wii U version launched a year before amiibo existed and the MH Rise amiibo but I think we'll also get BotW 2 amiibo and a few other games.

Who the final 3 fighters are likely a factor as I'd guess we would've gotten a FE Three Houses line of amiibo with Byleth (both) and the 3 house leaders had Byleth not come to Smash.

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