Topic: Where can you buy a New 3DS in 2021???

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So I’m trying to track one of these down and can’t seem find em anywhere? I’d prefer an unused model , sadly both my original 3DS have stopped working ! Welp!!



Walmart, Target, Best Buy or any other big box retailer. Then there is Gamestop plus there's places online like Amazon.

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@Rainz You can't really buy a brand new 3Ds out of the box sadly, given that they stopped making all models of the console. If you want one, the only option is just to buy a used model. Either that, or take the old 3Ds to get a repair at your local repair shop, given Nintendo abandoned repairing the systems as well.

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If you want an unused model you'll have to find one somewhere on sites like ebay. However sellers do like to price them around 400 euro or above, so it might just be in your best interest to just get a lightly used one. It may not be the best time to get one though as the announcement of Metroid Dread has boosted up 3ds prices by a large amount. However the prices are still less than half of what you'd have to pay for a new system.



I would recommend to shift your focus to getting a new 2DS XL instead, since that will have better chances of appearing on an online search or retail store.

Last year, I bought one brand new at a local department store, and a regular 2DS on Amazon, too. Though I admit even these have become rarer lately.

So yeah, 3DS no, 2DS maybe.

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You're going to have a hard time finding them at retail as they are discontinued, but if you are really lucky, and some store has some unsold stock sitting around in their storeroom, you could wind up with quite a bargain.

I snagged a brand new Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle for only AU$99 in late 2018, I believe (it was sometime before the termination of the Wii Shop Channel). An absolute bargain. It was just sitting behind the counter one day at the home entertainment section of a local department store. Sadly, they had nothing else left.

Not too long ago, I snagged some Wii U games for $5 from the same store (Just Dance 2017 and Paper Mario: Color Splash). The young gentleman even offered me a Frozen 2 (?) DS cartridge and manual for free (the game's case was missing) but I politely declined.

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Since when Frozen 2 was already on NDS ? 😆
I guess the game was Divas on Ice or Princess on Ice 2.

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@Anti-Matter : My mistake. I think it was Tangled, not Frozen. Either way, it was definitely a Disney property.

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@Rainz if I saw a brand new New 3ds/New 2ds last winter, they were $50-100 more than original retail price. Production ended at least 2 years ago.

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That’s something I’m taking into consideration as well! I’ll keep an eye out for the 2DS models as well, seems so crazy that the 3DS is becoming a unicorn commodity ….always seemed like they’d always be out there in the wild!




It’s pretty insane some of these online prices ..they’ll only get crazier as time passes, I’m determined I’ll be able to track one down at a reasonable price! Appreciate the heads up!




That’s a sweet steal of a deal! Wii U’s are getting a little harder to come by as well! You may have a nice collectors item on your hands!




Sadly you may be right! Finding a fresh 3DS is nigh impossible but I’m hoping I can get a decent deal online or maybe it just happens organically. Hopefully I can secure one before they become unaffordable to acquire



@Rainz : A completely unexpected find, so I was pretty chuffed.

I also bought two Xenoblade X console bundles some time after the Switch was released, but both were full price (beats inflated scalper prices at least).

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