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Not too long ago a user named @Magician made a thread discussing why the Switch is his all time platform.
I thought it would be fun to make a 3DS version of that thread. It would also be funny too if it sparked other console variants.

But anyway I'll start with my reasons:

  • The Library of Games
    The 3ds still manages to have one of the best libraries out of any game console period with the switch still having yet to surpass it, let along reach it. Having a treasure trove of quality and exclusive games of almost every genre, especially RPGs which are my preferred one.
    And thats with its exclusive games alone, add in its vc console and backwards compatibility with ds and you have access to Ds, NES, SNES, GB, and GBA games all on one console. And if you were to add homebrewing/modding you can even play PS1, NEOGEO and more consoles! Another thing if you homebrew your 3ds is that you have access to games you wouldn't be able to play otherwise - for example, Dragon Quest Monster Joker 3 along with a bunch of other DQ spinoffs are exclusive to Japan and have no english options even if you were to import it. But thanks for the fans and the power of emulation I own DQMJ3 and other spinoffs I wouldn't be able to play otherwise. Another cool thing is that I downloaded a patched version of DQ8 that uncensored everything in the base version and brought back the orchestral soundtrack as opposed to the Synth version.

SMT V, MHRise, Xenoblade1+2, DQ11 etc. are all bangers to me but 3ds has those series in its library and more.
(DQ 4-9 + 11, xenoblade 3D (though i'll admit the switch version is the definitive one), MH4U,3U +gen, SMT 4, devil survivor etc.)

  • Portability
    Along with its amazing library I just love the neatness and portability factor of it, especially with the new 3ds xl.
    Also its flexibility in customization there's something special about having custom themes on your 3ds, they go together so well with the console that even if you were to replicate it with your switch it wouldn't feel as special.
    Furthermore the special edition versions of the 3ds are the best looking and creative ones out of any console.
  • The Neatness/Novelty Aspect
    There's just something about the design of the 3ds I love so much, whether its the simple iconic clamshell design that Nintendo adopted with the ds, the sleek aspect of the newer models like the new 3ds xl and 2ds one and more. The console is brimming with personality and I can't get enough of it.

Well those were my reasons as to why the 3DS is my favorite system, what about yours?

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Is the 3DS having a moment in this forum lately?



@iLikeUrAttitude I do appreciate it. It is my all-time system as I was born into the gaming world with game boy, and 3DS embodies the spirit of the concept of that system. Sure the Switch is impressive with its versatility, but game boy wasn’t about being impressive, it was meant for bite sized gaming. The 3DS delivers on that need. It’s not flashy but you could have a bite sized modern gaming experience with its technology. If mobile has now sucked all the air out of that scope of gaming, at least the 3DS was a good send-off



The 3DS was a mighty fine platform. Although I never cared to use the 3D functionality until the New 3DS that came with the enhanced head-tracking technology. But the 3DS is home to several personal favorite games. Fantasy Life is the most dope mmo-lite not enough people played, Animal Crossing New Leaf was the highpoint of the series, Zelda ALBW is my favorite game in the series, SMT IV was my introduction to that series, Kid Icarus Uprising is the best rail shooter I've played in the past decade, etc.

And chances are...none of those games will be available on any other platform...ever.


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Maybe not my favorite console (that would be GameCube, with Wii U close behind)
But it's definitely my favorite handheld ever. It has a bunch of great games, good use of the 3D tech, THEMES, folders, download play and so many great stuff. Streetpass was also really fun!



The 3DS really has that "Iwata" feel to it. I mean, name another game console that can act as a camera and MP3 player.

The games that utilised the camera and gyro sensor made the 3DS a unique experience.

It was a console that adapted. The badges and themes update was a welcome one. Amiibo (while basically physical DLC) added that little extra touch on certain games.

I haven't even started on the 3D yet. Ok, the original models had trouble displaying it correctly, but with the New 3DS (XL), it made games that bit more immersive and "Wow!".

I've had the most fun with the 3DS and doubt any other console can replicate that same amount of fun I had with it.

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@Luigi05 I agree 100% while I personally didn't care for the 3D feature, all the other things the 3Ds had to make up for it blew me away and you got exactly what you paid for and more.

It amazes me how the 3Ds still has more features than the switch despite being a decade old handheld.

The Switch is a great console but nothing will capture the magic and memories I had when I got the 3Ds or DS for me.

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As somebody who grew up with a Nintendo handheld always in their gaming scope, the 3DS is my way of holding on to that really fun big-adventures-in-small-packages feeling, both for the nostalgia and just because, hell, I love handheld gaming.

The library is amazing, like you've already said, and the convenience of being able to just pick up the thing and play it, closing it into sleep mode if I need to stop for a while and do something else, is amazing if you've got kid(s) like I do. Especially if you've got an energetic, demanding kid (like I do).

I don't really know. As much as I can list the facts of the 3DS that make it my favourite console, there's something else ineffable that makes it really special to me. Maybe it's the nostalgia trips, maybe it's because handheld consoles have always been the home of series like Pokemon. I just love the damn thing.

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I'm not sure if I'd consider it my favorite platform overall, but I would definitely say the 3DS is my favorite handheld. Not only does it have its own library of fantastic games with representation of many of Nintendo's beloved IPs, but there's also stuff like Game Boy games being on its own eShop, and it's backwards compatible with the vast majority of DS games. It was also my introduction to the Animal Crossing series - New Leaf was quite a great game to start out with. It did have a few games that were junk (I'm looking right at you, Sticker Star), but thankfully, most of the 3DS's first-party games range from good to awesome.

I didn't use the 3D effect super often, but it sure looked impressive, especially when I first saw it. StreetPass was good fun, as well, I'd have my 3DS in my pocket many times when I go out to my college campus or whatever. I love the themes, too. I proudly have my Mario theme going on my 3DS, it really gives my home menu so much personality, alongside many of the Mario badges I got. If they made themes available for the Switch, I would have had a Mario theme on my Switch's home menu by now.

Nintendo's handhelds seemed to be getting better and better in many cases, to me at least. I liked the GBA, for example, it was the first handheld I really got into, but I wasn't a fan of its small screen. The 3DS might be Nintendo's last dedicated handheld system (besides the Switch Lite, of course), since they're enjoying great success with the Switch. If that is indeed the case, they sure went out with flying colors with the 3DS.

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1. It has the most beautiful machine design in my opinion, especially Pearl White color XL model.

2. It has the best retail box design with White box and almost square ish cover design, with the game app icon on the spine.

3. It has tons of kids games with varied genre, from mainstream games to quirky games.

4. It has 3D slider.

5. All the games saved inside the cartridge.

6. It has some fancy lounge music and themes.

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5. Pop'n Music
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7. Martial Beat

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