Topic: Slow startup and black screen when I try to play Pokémon ultra sun on 2ds

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So I got this game yesterday and I love it but I’ve been experiencing some issues with it. It takes like 30 seconds to start up on my 2ds and when I close it my 2ds says waiting for software to close then the screen goes black for a few seconds then it comes back to the home screen. Is anyone else experiencing this?



I'm sad to say this isn't an Error.
Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon use the extra Power the New 3DS offers, that's why they don't run that well on older 3DS or 2DS Models.

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That's the 2DS disabling/enabling other services. So it can use the extra power on the game.

The "new" systems don't need to do this because they have enough power by default.

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This is normal on older 3DS/2DS models. Starting up and closing the software takes so long because the system is freeing up memory. The games push these models to the absolute limit.

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