Topic: New 3DS XL buttons not working

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I've posted this topic before but the most I got was an unhelpful "some games dont support these buttons", but anyway.
Basically, the buttons exclusive to the new 3ds and 2ds consoles (aka ZL, ZR and the c-stick nub) have stopped working on my new 3ds xl, but ONLY in games, as in, it works on the home screen of the 3ds, but in games like xenoblade, they have completely stopped responding, and it's ever since I played Monster Hunter Generations. For the first two times playing MHG, they worked, but after that, it stopped recognising them, saying I have to connect the circle pad pro blah blah, I tried multiple things, including factory reset, unplugging the connectors inside the ds and reconnecting them, all to no avail. If anyone can find a solution to my problem, it would be more than greatly appreciated



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