Topic: Do the 3DS and 3DS XL/LL have similar specs/qualities?

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so I have a 3ds, the original i got it when it first came out, the thing is i found some cool things i want (cases, decals, mostly non-digital) but they only come for 3ds XL/LL since there a new thing. I was wondering if these items would still work with my DS?



Could you maybe be more specific?

The 3DS XL is a larger system with larger screens. A lot of carry cases are advertised as being for the XL, but are suitable for the regular 3DS (with a bit of extra space, of course).

Decals I imagine are likely to be a very specific size, so will not be cross-compatible between systems.

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I understand the case that makes sense but to be clear the XL is bigger on the outside not just the screen?



Specs wise they're exactly the same thing. They can do exact same things. (The systems labeled as "new 3DS", on the other hand, are a tiny bit more advanced).

The difference is that the XL is larger. Both in screen and overall size. Physical accessories meant to work specifically with one won't with the other, because of the change in size.

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