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Anyway, I started this thread because I couldn't find an existing thread about this download.
I was long skeptical about this remaster, I thought it couldn't hold a candle to the original DS versions, as the trailers and screenshots looked bad, too smoothed out, like they ruined the art as they did with the horrible iOS port (though to a lesser degree of course)

I was wrong. Now that I had the chance to play the 3DS trilogy, it actually looks very good and very faithful to the original games. Smooth as butter, and with art that still retains the sharpness and pixel-by-pixel precision the originals had. An excellent port once you try it on your device, I definitely recommend it to purists who stayed away because they were skeptical like me. It is indeed a great way to get introduced to or relive the classic games.

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When they were on sale a while ago, I bought it too, along with Dual Destinies, even though I have all the physical copies of all the Ace Attorney games. I love it too, if you're on the fence, Capcom may put these on sale again.



Got it on day one despite already owning them on WiiWare. The new graphics do make a good difference rather than it being a simple port of the DS games. Although I would have liked the 3D graphics from Dual Destines used to recreate the original games - but that would probably have been too much work for them.

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I had a similar reaction when I first saw the new sprites and such, but it all looks and feels waaaaay better when you play it yourself. In fact, after wrapping up Trilogy I went straight into Apollo Justice for the DS, and it honestly took a little effort to get used to the downgrade, ironically enough.

By the way, I loved replaying all four games. They proved to be fantastic yet again and did the best job possible in getting me even more hyped for AA6.

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