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I have questions

1.What should I get between 101 pony pets 3D and 101 Dino pets 3D?
2.How different?
3.Can Pony/Dinosaur die in the game? it real-time game?

I want to buy game look like Tamagotchi.

Ps.Sorry my English is not good



Out of those two, the better one is Pony, since it's newer and more polished.

However, you might not like the motion controls it uses. Dino doesn't have any. On the other hand, Dino uses some annoying fog blur effects in some areas that Pony doesn't.

The main difference is the pet species, but each game in the pets 101 series comes with different minigames and environments.

The pets don't die, and time only advances while you play them.

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