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    Review Flashback

    Conrad returns

    It could happen to anyone. One day you’re having a lovely morning enjoying the mundane lifestyle of 2142, the next you discover an alien race has infiltrated the human race and you’re downloading your own mind to a holocube before being captured and memory wiped by the very same species you were about to expose. Conrad B. Hart’s...


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    Review Yesterday Origins

    Die another day

    Do you like inspecting the bottom of objects? Do you enjoy looking at things with your eyes? Do you revel in the idea of browsing a person’s body and finding out information about their knees? If you answered yes, then here’s a game for you. Admittedly, much more happens within Yesterday Origins than just wandering and poking...

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    Review Super Chariot

    Put your back into it

    The King is dead. Long live the King! His ghost, however... a bit of a loud mouth braggart. He will not be shutting up until his final request is granted: bury his coffin in a suitable catacomb filled with riches. After some wheels get attached to his coffin, it is up the Princess to push and pull the titular 'chariot' along...


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    Review Syberia 2

    Snow Joke

    While the first Syberia game may have arrived on the Nintendo Switch a full fourteen (ish) years after its initial PC release, its point and click legacy has no doubt been felt since, and there have been a few decent modern examples - such as Thimbleweed Park and Violett - on Nintendo's hybrid system. Not to be outdone, the second...


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    Review Gear.Club Unlimited

    Aiming for top gear

    When it comes to video game expectations, context really is king. As the first thing resembling a ‘proper’ racing game on Switch, Gear.Club Unlimited has a certain amount of goodwill stored up for it. Conversely, Gear.Club’s mobile past means that racing fans will be watching with an unusually critical eye. It initially...

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    Review Syberia

    Toying with your emotions

    Point-and-click adventure games have historically found their audience on PC, especially in the heyday of the early-to-mid '90s with series such as Broken Sword and Monkey Island. While there has always been a core fanbase for this style of game on mouse-driven systems, the genre has been brought into both the console with...


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    3DS eShop

    Review Brutus & Futée

    Et tu, Futée

    You'd be forgiven for not being especially inspired by the title of Brutus and Futée, as two unknown character's names doesn't really strike that much confidence in consumers. The title also doesn't give anything away in regards to the gameplay itself, so is this strangely named game worth your time? The two titular characters in...