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    Review Go Vacation

    Long haul flight

    Everything from Go Vacation’s appearance, style, gameplay, and pure existence hark back to those strangely repetitive days of the Wii, where everyone and their cat was releasing a party-type sports game for Nintendo’s remote-waggling sensation. There’s good reason for that, too, as the game is an HD port of the original Go...


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    Review One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition

    A Pirate's Life For Mii

    In terms of sheer longevity, it’s hard to beat Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The long-running adventure started out as a manga in 1997 — still running today! — and along the way has picked up every form of cross-licensing known to humankind, with anime, video games, novels and even theme parks retelling the tale of Monkey...


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    Review Little Nightmares: Complete Edition

    A little bit Maw

    Bestowed with a disquieting atmosphere and visual imagination, Little Nightmares makes a terrific first impression. A side-on platform-puzzler in the vein of Playdead’s exceptional Limbo and Inside - with a similarly dark palette - the game casts the player as Six, a nine-year-old girl who must navigate her way from the depths of...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy

    Naruto on the Switch? Believe it!

    Naruto and Nintendo have long been cozy with each other. The earliest Naruto games appeared some 15 years ago on the GameCube and Gameboy Advance, but the Ultimate Ninja series of Naruto games skipped Nintendo’s consoles in favour of other platforms, but all that has changed with the release of Naruto Shippuden:...


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    Switch eShop

    Review Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus

    I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Pac-Man

    In 1980, Pac-Man took the world by storm, introducing arcade players to an entirely new kind of gameplay style. The titular pill muncher went on to become a universally recognised icon of gaming, while also spawning numerous sequels and spinoffs to the inaugural debut over the decades that...


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    Review One Piece Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition

    Shōnen Switch

    There aren’t many licensed properties that can claim to have a game on both the Bandai Wonderswan and Nintendo’s Switch, but that’s the case with Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece — this evergreen manga megahit has had a steady stream of video game adaptations over its 20-year-plus run, with One Piece Unlimited World Red - Deluxe...

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    Review Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    We gotta (portable) power

    To those of us in the West it may not seem like it, but Dragon Ball and Nintendo have always been cozy. Nearly every Nintendo console, home or portable, has been host to at least one if not several Dragon Ball games. Unfortunately, the Wii U was one of the few Nintendo consoles not to receive a Dragon Ball game. Bandai aims...

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    Review Pokkén Tournament DX

    Nintendo used Double-Dip!

    The unholy lovechild of Tekken and Pokémon, Pokkén Tournament caused quite a stir when it was first announced, yet Bandai Namco's one-on-one fighter exceeded expectations when it eventually arrived on the Wii U last year following a successful run in arcades. Given that almost all Pokémon games focus on...


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    Switch eShop

    Review Namco Museum

    "It belongs in a Museum!"

    With arcade hits such as Pac-Man, Galaga and Ridge Racer to its name, it's fair to say that Nakamura Manufacturing Company – better known as Namco – has a proud history behind it. Founded in 1955 with ride-on mechanical toys as its main focus, Namco would find global fame with the arrival of the arcade video game in the...


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    Review Dragon Ball Fusions

    Better together

    There have been many Dragon Ball games over the years, and one universal truth exists: they seem to get better as time goes by. Early efforts on the SNES, Mega Drive, PlayStation and Saturn left a bad taste in the mouths of series fans, but lately Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball Xenoverse sub-series has redressed the balance neatly...


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    Review Disney Magical World 2

    Disney World in your own home... sort of

    What happens when you combine life in a fantasy world, lots of the most recognisable fictional characters on the planet, some bonus magic, sparkles and cheery songs into a tiny 3DS cartridge? Theoretically, the answer you're looking for is "success". Luckily in the case of Disney Magical World 2 this is also...


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    Wii U eShop

    Review Lost Reavers

    Keeping up with the Indiana Joneses

    Nestled away in the busy excitement of a Nintendo Direct last January, Bandai Namco first announced Project Treasure; a 4 player co-op title set to release exclusively for Wii U. With famed Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and a team of young developers on board, their admirable goal was to create a game that...


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    Wii U

    Review Pokkén Tournament

    Nintendo used Smash Hit. It's super effective!

    Pokkén Tournament: it's not quite what a select few may have imagined when they dared to concoct a Pokémon / Tekken crossover game in the recesses of their wildest dreams, but few had even considered such a ludicrous idea until it actually came to fruition. Nevertheless, it's a real thing that...

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    Review Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2

    ​Just Saiyan

    Dragon Ball Z fever was very much a real thing in the '90s, but this blonde hair, Kamehameha-throwing insanity hit the UK and America much later than the rest of Europe. As such, it might still not be common knowledge that all four of Super Famicom's Dragon Ball Z one-on-one fighting games received PAL localization and distribution -...


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    Review Project X Zone 2

    Super Smash Zone

    It's difficult to know what to expect out of such a massive crossover like Project X Zone 2. When one game includes characters, places and references to dozens of franchises from across five different companies, one must wonder whether there will be balance to all of the different parts at play. Fortunately, Project X Zone 2 pulls...