A new (and rather crazy) gameplay trailer for Ukuza's upcoming platformer Epic Loon has revealed that the game is heading to Nintendo Switch.

Focusing around a visual style similar to that of VHS tapes from the nineties, this game sees you take control of an alien who has invaded someone's VCR. You'll need to dodge the owner's remote-controlled attacks as you destroy his classic film collection once and for all. The whole thing seems intriguingly bonkers - take a look for yourself below.

As you can see from the trailer, there is an emphasis on the four-player co-op and "battle" modes, suggesting that the game has a large focus on the couch co-op aspect style of gaming rather than playing with others online. Perhaps this could be a perfect game for groups of friends to take a nostalgic trip to times where blowing in a VCR's tape slot was a far too regular occurrence.

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