If you have fond memories of playing the classic Game Boy game Penguin Wars back in the day, like your humble scribe, then you will no doubt be delighted to hear that the game is being revamped for the Switch by Dispatch Games and is planned for a release in early 2018.

The classic rule of having 10 balls to throw at each other is still the core of the game. However, in the updated game players can evolve their characters in Story Mode and use them in both local and online gameplay against their friends; this release also introduces multiple sets of new rules. Music from the original version released in 1985 has been remixed and updated by notable musicians from Japan, which will hopefully be another highlight in the final game.

The physical Limited Launch Edition version of the game will come packed with a digital download code for the full soundtrack, and at a later date the game even has DLC planned.

Let us know if you plan to p-p-pick up Penguin Wars next year with a comment below.