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Posted by Anthony Dickens

The first Nintendo Direct of 2014 is confirmed for Thursday 13th February at 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, 10pm UK, 11pm Europe; that time suggests that the company aims to reach more people, rather than the standard broadcast at around 10am Eastern. The broadcasts will be a little different per region, too, with Satoru Shibata confirmed to be sharing hosting duties with Satoru Iwata in Europe, while Nintendo of America will have its own segments.

Bayonetta 2 looks pretty ace, basically.


antdickens said:

I wasn't expecting any big announcements, so that was OK.

That's it folks... Thank you for watching.

Platinum don't do things by halves do they?

Bayonetta 2 now.


antdickens said:

Some VERY BIG things on screen right now.

GBA finally comes to the VC, Metroid Fusion, Superstar Saga, Yoshi's Island! (Spring)

Iwata talking about NES Remix now


antdickens said:

UStream sucks, you can watch on YouTube here: ( but we can't embed it!

Isn't the music in Tropical Freeze just brilliant?

Child of Light dated on April 30th

Nintendo loves a bit of Submarine warfare, it seems.

Steel Diver as a FPS? Sure, why not!

Super Yoshi aka Sonic Yoshi

Jackhammer Yoshi, Submarine Yoshi...

Yoshi's Island now, giant eggs "mega eggs", metal eggs, much like mega Mario, metal Mario.


Damo said:

We've been covering the Japanese version of Kirby quite a bit, and can tell you that it's GREAT.

Keychains can be achieved through streetpass too, getting more items from people you meet.

Kirby Triple Deluxe on show now, quite a few things to do in this one, it looks super shiny too.

Iwata... like a golf pro.

Single player mode with Mii's in Mario World Tour, get some swanky golf clothes

So we've got a boxing ring stage confirmed.

No idea how we didn't predict that one...

Hello Mr. Satoru Iwata

As always, my body is ready.


Damo said:

This is unfashionably late for us UK Nintendo fans!


antdickens said:

How many of you are watching live for the first time? (as this is a new time slot)

My eyes are going round in circles trying to read all your comments... this train is unstable!

Well, we've still got 45 mins to go.

The Hype Train will leave the station in 55 mins.

Who wants some coffee? I'm going to get some coffee.

Hype, Hype, Hype, Hype.

Nintendo will get started at 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, 10pm UK, 11pm Europe (other timezones are available)

We hope everyone is getting excited... less than an hour to go now!