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Time to Rock Out With Some Chiptunes, Thanks to Diad

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Could have been called "Super Mosh Bros."

Occasionally we like to direct your attention to some awesome music or videos that we come across, and today we bring you a rock chip-tune album called Diad.

As that description suggests, this seven track album aims to produce 8-bit chiptunes that, given the right instrumentation, could very easily be rock/metal songs, which is demonstrated by one of the tracks having its own guitar-driven performance at the end. Diad is the name of the album and artist, which is a collaboration between experienced chiptune artists Heosphoros (aka Fran├žois Martin) and Tadpole (aka Joel Barker); they're from Canada and the U.S., respectively.

You can download for free from the album's Ubiktune page, including NSF files that can apparently be played on NES hardware. If you want to support the artists you can also pay whatever you want for the album via its Bandcamp page.

If you're not sure yet, why don't you stream all seven tracks from below and let us know what you think? You know you want to.


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Lan said:

First and last track are quite baddonkey from what I listened to, nice article!



Shiryu said:

Nice! Something to listen while working. Hey, when will you guys produce a new NLFM podcast? I miss those.



hiptanaka said:

Haha, awesome. Merciless is a bit prog metal.

Overall it feels natural. So many of the old NES tunes felt like 80s metal, anyway. (In the best possible way.)



Harley said:

Awesome. The first track sounds like something out of Castlevania.

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