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Mario Kart Wii Available In Europe Now!

Posted by Sammy Barker

The morning has been a good one for most of us Europeans as we all (hopefully) got to grips with the latest in the Mario Kart series and Nintendo's new "Wii-Wheel" controller extension.

With (what I deem to be) the first major Nintendo Wii title to feature online gaming (and let me tell you now - it works very well) I thought it was prime time for the members of to get togther and share their (annoyingly long) friend codes for the game.

So without further ado - there's a comment section at the bottom of the page, post your friend codes and lets get together.

Don't expect me to play nicely though.

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get2sammyb said:

And if anyone was wondering here's my mini-review of what I've played so far:

  • Wii Wheel is excellent but if you want to be challenging the record times you'll be needing to use a controller. The Wheel just lacks a TINY bit of accuracy.
  • The gameplay is perfect as ever. Plays like a better version of the DS game. I prefer drifting the way they are now.
  • Online mode is flawless although I have been disconnected twice for no real reason now. Matches players extremely fast. No lag. Good ranking system. Minus the fact that there is no voice chat and no easy way to meet up with friends this is AS good as XBOX Live. Shame the hardware is missing those fundamental online features that the XBOX boasts.
  • My pet hate are the bikes at the moment. They don't seem to handle well - are a nightmare to drift and the players that have sussed out the when to and when not to wheelie tactics have already set unachievable scores in the time trial leaderboards. Darn you Japan.

All in all (and I'm still getting to grips with the game) it's very good. Expect a full indepth review on the site very soon.

Now get sharing those friend codes.



get2sammyb said:

Hey Lee - I've added you. Don't forget to add my friend code which is in the first reply.



i've added u but it says that where not friend on it yet?.maby ur code is wrong?



i've added u but it says that where not friend on it yet?.maby ur code is wrong?



get2sammyb said:

I think it takes a few minutes to process seeing as how we just had a nice little game of Battle.


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