According to Enterbrain, Microsoft's newest console has sold a total of 75,837 units so far this year, while the Nintendo Gamecube has sold 77,124. Both numbers are for Japan, obviously. Yeah, that's' right, Microsoft's flagship, their Next Generation High-Tech super-machine has been outsold by the five year-old, abandoned console, whose newest games is a frustrating Super monkey ball version and a game featuring pirates on a carnival.

So, why is Microsoft doing so terrible bad in the land of the rising sun? Most analysts say it's because the Japanese people are patriots, they don't want to support the huge American companies and it's tyranny of evil capitalists. Well, this might be correct, but I think it's the games that decide if a console is popular or not. Despite the fact that Microsoft are trying really hard, they just don't have the right games. The Japanese like Role-playing games, adventure games and games with a anime look, and most of those games you'll find on Nintendo's or Sony's consoles.

Microsoft is trying to get better though, they are hiring local companies and developers to make games for the 360, and with games like the Blue Dragon coming out next year, they might be able to challenge Sony and Nintendo a little in Japan, but I seriously doubt it.

Anyway, according to the very same company, Nintendo's handheld console, the DS, is doing a little bit better than the 360.
The big N's innovative and portable console has sold a total of 5,208,404 units in 2006, and that's' only in japan! By comparison, Sony's PSP has moved 1,332,773 units.