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Pokémon Rumble Blast, the first Pokémon game created exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS™ system, is an action-packed Pokémon adventure in 3D!

Battle against waves of opponents, connect and play with friends, and collect more than 600 different Toy Pokémon!

As you advance through each stage in Pokémon Rumble Blast, your Toy Pokémon will face dozens of Pokémon at once in fast and furious real-time battles! You’ll also run into giant Boss Pokémon, whose massive size and strength will make them especially tough to defeat—and who can become powerful allies if you’re lucky!

Pokémon Rumble Blast lets you connect wirelessly with your friends in two ways. You can use a local wireless connection to launch cooperative play mode, where you can team up to battle through levels and befriend defeated Toy Pokémon more easily. Or, you can use the StreetPass™ feature of the Nintendo 3DS system to challenge the Toy Pokémon collections of nearby players and to view other players’ Mii™ characters in your game.

You can collect more than 600 kinds of Toy Pokémon in Pokémon Rumble Blast, including those from the recently released Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games. Switch between the various Toy Pokémon you collect to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon. Plus, some of the Pokémon you befriend will have special stats and abilities!

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Let's get ready to rrrrumble! Again...

Two years ago, Nintendo released the surprisingly addictive Pokémon Rumble on WiiWare. It was a bizarre little title that took the various generations of Pokémon and reduced them to jittering clockwork toys haphazardly duking it out in chaotic Battle...

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Dynetheous said:

i want! seems like it has more content than the wiiware pokemon rumble. im looking forward to this!



Sam_Loser2 said:

Better be good, I'd like some 3D pokemon. Sounds like the first spin-off Pokemon game that may have all of them in it.



Skeet102 said:

I never got the original pokemon rumble game, but i wanted to. Now I'm hoping to get pokemon rumble blast when I get my 3DS.



MrArcade said:

Hmmmmmm. Might just pick this one up but only when it gets its price lowered.



AutumnShantel said:

Really, really looking forward to this! Been playing my RPGs alot so I need something different. But I'm also broke because of school and gas money, so it might be a while. lol



GlasS said:

This tickles my mind a little bit, but I do agree that a level-up system of some sort would make the game a little less mindless.



Raghav said:

I am getting it but people do you know there is going to be a game called pokemon black and white version 2 cool right i know stuff



AnimeloverGal said:

I was wondering which game I shall get with my 3DS on Saturday, I am stuck, between 3 games:

Pokemon Rumble Blast ~ I love pokemon games
Mario 3D Land ~ I love Mario Games
Zelda: Ocarina of Time ~ This is the only Zelda game, I ever played



MarioNut said:

i have pokemon rumble blast and its fun, but if you play alot it'll get boring, FAST

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