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    A forgotten gem?

    Since getting into the video game business Nintendo has produced many fondly regarded games, which have often lead to sequels. Even when a series is dormant, older entries have re-appeared either in updated form or via the various Virtual Console services. Then there’s Sky Skipper. Briefly hitting arcades in 1981, this hi-score...

  • News Sky Skipper Arcade Restoration Revealed To The World

    Impressive work

    Keen readers of Nintendo Life may remember our report on the Sky Skipper project, an ambitious quest by UK-based Alex Crowley and US-based Whitney Roberts to save an almost lost piece of Nintendo arcade history. That piece of history is Sky Skipper, one of a number of arcades planned to arrive after the DK success story. It was...

  • News Nintendo Of America Shows Off Its Unreleased Sky Skipper Arcade Cabinet

    Hidden away in the vaults

    We recently covered the launch of the Sky Skipper Project, which is an ambitious project by three retro enthusiasts - Whitney Roberts, Olly Cotton and Alex Crowley - to unveil a fully restored arcade cabinet of the game in 2017. Sky Skipper was one of a number of arcades planned to arrive after the success of Donkey Kong...

  • News Sky Skipper Project Aims to Revive a Rare Nintendo Arcade Game

    It'll take off in 2017

    Nintendo's video game history is well documented, with the original Donkey Kong arcade helping to kickstart the career of Shigeru Miyamoto and provide the company with a notable success outside of Japan. The rest, as they say, is history, though sometimes the smaller details are forgotten. One of these is Sky Skipper, one of...

  • Video This Guy Has Found What Could Be The Rarest Nintendo Game Ever

    Say hello the little-known 1981 coin-op, Sky Skipper

    Donkey Kong might be one of the world's most famous arcade games, but it wasn't Nintendo's only stab at making a smash-hit arcade - the company had produced many other coin-ops around the same time, few of which could match the mighty Kong's commercial success. As a result, many of these early...