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  • News You Can Design a New Level for Pazuru and Win a Neat Figurine

    Update will add three user-generated stages to full game

    The 3DS eShop has a number of high quality and clever puzzle games, and Pazuru is a solid recent addition. It has a neat approach, but also adds to the core content with a level creation tool. Developer Moragami is now aiming to put that lever creator to good use, and is offering up a fairly...

  • Review Pazuru (3DS eShop)

    Not pants-uru

    Nintendo handhelds have been graced with many great puzzle games over the years, from the wonderful Tetris on the original Game Boy through to the present day; the Picross series, Pullblox and the Professor Layton titles all being notable recent examples. In fact, a quick filtered search of the 3DS eShop by 'Puzzle' genre reveals no...

  • News 3DS Action Puzzler Pazuru Arrives On The European eShop This Week

    Retail and US releases also confirmed

    European 3DS owners will be able to enjoy yet another puzzle game on 26th March when developer Moragami launches its eShop and retail title, Pazuru. Published by Joindots (eShop) and PurpleHills (retail), the title will cost €5.99 / €29.99 (retail), with a US release confirmed for a later date. Pazuru...