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Packing away hundreds of toys rolling off of a factory conveyor belt, who hasn't had that dream? The next title in the G.G series is another falling block puzzler, and while it presents a unique and enjoyable type of gameplay, it's impeded somewhat by some suppressive game mechanics and an uninspired soundtrack. That being said, G.G Series CONVEYOR TOY PACKING is still a reasonable time killer and the somewhat fast paced nature of the gameplay will keep you coming back from time to time.

The premise puts players in charge of packing away various multicoluored penguin toys as they roll off of a conveyor belt. As the player puts them away, a gauge slowly fills up that speeds up the rate of toy production each time it fills all the way. The sprites of the penguins are well designed, though it must be said that the sole music track that backs the action is poorly done. Not only is it a repetitive tune that quickly grows irritating, but it's literally the exact same track from G.G Series THE SPIKY BLOWFISH!!. This comes across as being lazy and careless on the developer's part and makes the game come across as being just as manufactured and artificial as the virtual toys within it.

Gameplay progresses at a relatively smooth rate, though the randomized nature of the generation of toys and boxes, coupled with the extremely fast generation of toys in later levels, puts a ceiling on how high a player's score can get. Toys emerge in a large grid and move to the right every few seconds by one column at a time and they can be moved around two at a time by usage of a horizontal, two space highlighter controlled by the D-Pad. Combos are pulled off if multiple like-coloured toys are adjacent to one another when one of them touches the box. This gives the player a rewarding sense of control and progression, particularly after a lengthy setup prior to the execution of the combo.

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The inclusion of additional colours later on help keep things interesting, though random generation of toys and boxes leads to many situations where the game is simply unwinnable because the corresponding boxes needed to clear out certain toys aren't available. Also, by later stages, the toys and boxes come in so quickly that it's virtually impossible to clear them out before they reach the end of the belt and fall off. It would've been nice if these issues were balanced out more, as they impede progression past a certain score threshold and ultimately go against the overarching score chasing design.


If one can look past its missteps, G.G Series CONVEYOR TOY PACKING is an addictive, though somewhat barebones puzzler. While there are certainly better alternatives out there on the eShop, it's better than the G.G series' other block puzzler, G.G Series HERO PUZZLE, though not by much. The unique, fun gameplay ultimately saves this one from being entirely un-enjoyable, and anybody looking for a puzzler on the go at this price point should give it some consideration.