The comic book series Hellboy will be getting another video game adaptation. At The Game Awards, Good Shepard Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics announced Hellboy Web of Wyrd for consoles and PC. There's no word on a release date just yet.

It's been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch and is described as a roguelite action-adventure title. It'll feature an "original storyline" created in collaboration with the series creator Mike Mignola, and will also include the voice acting talents of Lance Reddick as Hellboy.

"Journey into the deepest realms of the Wyrd, each hiding a unique investigation into the unknown. Battle powerful creatures in search of forgotten godforms and magnificent treasures, but beware: ancient evil festers within the Wyrd’s darkest reaches… evil that wants out."

Here are some key features, along with some screenshots:

An Authentic Comic Adaptation: Experience gripping storytelling, visuals and atmosphere that evoke the distinct style of the original comics, crafted in collaboration with series creator Mike Mignola. Every moment looks and feels like it was ripped right from the comics.

A New Story Inspired by the Hellboy Universe: Unravel a sprawling, spine-tingling original adventure true to the spirit of the comics and brought to life with the illustrious voice of Lance Reddick as Hellboy.

Become the Legendary Hellboy: Explore the secret depths of the Wyrd, discovering wonders and terrors beyond your imagination. Chain together hard-hitting melee and ranged attacks in challenging combat against a nightmarish menagerie of otherworldly monsters to survive.

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