There must be something in the water, and that something is Bear Juice, because after the announcement of Bear & Breakfast's release date earlier this week, and Cozy Grove getting a sequel, we've now got the surprise release of LumbearJack, too. We're not complaining, of course. It's bearrific news.

LumbearJack, as the title suggests, is about a lumberjack who is also a bear who is also named Jack. His woodland home has been invaded by the sinister industrial giant Evil Works, who have installed a bunch of machinery ready to tear down Jack's lovely trees. Not if he can help it, of course. With the help of his trusty axe and his animal friends, he can hack those machines into pieces.

Even better news: LumbearJack is out NOW, thanks to a surprise launch announced at the Wholesome Direct event, and it costs $12.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.