We're starting to get into the thick of the summer of gaming announcements, and last night, Limited Run Games held its 2022 Showcase, highlighting a plethora of upcoming rare physical releases. Among those announcements was the physical release of 3DS of "the world's first Chase 'em up" Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D.

Released back in 2017, Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D, you get to go through 80 arcade-style levels and cause as much mischief as possible to find the recipe for immortality. It's fun and full of charm, and we absolutely loved it when it came out:

The physical release for Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D is up now on Limited Run Games' store for $34.99, and pre-orders will be opening at a later date. But the game's developer, Tanukii Studios, revealed something even more exciting.

Not only will the 3DS game be getting a physical rerelease, but an upcoming Anniversary Collection will contain both the 3DS sequel and the original DSi Ware game — Go! Go! Kokopolo.

Image: Tanukii Studios

This collection is very likely to be the last — or one of the last — physical 3DS releases for the system, so for collectors out there, this is one worth keeping an eye on. And it's a worthy celebration of Go! Go! Kokopolo's 10th anniversary!

Currently, the collection isn't listed on Limited Run Games' store, so you might want to follow Tanukii Studios on Twitter to find out when you can pre-order the collection.

If you missed yesterday's Limited Run Games Showcase, we've got a list of everything coming to Switch (3DS, N64, and SNES):

Will you be grabbing the Go! Go! Kokopolo Anniversary Collection? Let us know in the comments.

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