Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Image: Capcom

Next week sees the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - the new DLC for Capcom's latest Monster Hunter entry.

We've already seen (and played) some of this new DLC, but Capcom is still finding some new things to show off ahead of Sunbreak's release on 30th June. This time we've got a look at the "additional camera features" that have been added in.

There is a 'Buddies: Face Camera', the ability to hide the UI, and also a 'Face Camera' - where characters will actually look at the camera. The Steam version will also get a little bit extra (Depth of Field, Focus, Blur Range and a Switch Filter).

If you're still on the fence about this upcoming DLC, you can download a demo of Sunbreak via the Switch eShop right now. It includes solo and multiplayer along with many different monsters to slay.

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