Just recently, we reported on some of the crazy things that modders are already doing in the Zelda: Ocarina of Time PC port. We've seen the likes of multiplying character models appearing in game, the ability to fight Shadow Link while fending off Ganondorf, and even the ability to spawn the chains that hold up Hyrule Town's gate at will - madness!

Now, the latest mod to grace our lives adds lots and lots of bombs to the game - like, loads of 'em. In the video above, Josh Busker takes the viewer through the game from the opening in Kokiri Forest up to the end of the fight with King Dodongo. The difference is that there are bombs everywhere, quite literally to the point where explosions will randomly occur within the game's environments.

It's one of the more ridiculous mods to come out of the PC port thus far, and we're all here for it. We particularly enjoyed witnessing an ever-expanding bomb fill the screen in Kokiri Forest, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't disappointed that it didn't eventually explode.

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