World War Z Marseille
Image: Saber Interactive

World War Z arrived last November on Switch, standing up as an impressive technical feat; we weren't overly enamoured with the actual game in our review, though. Nevertheless, it's the sort of game where arranging to play with friends can elevate it to a new level as you team up to mow down a whole lot of zombies.

In terms of content the Switch doesn't have the 'Aftermath' version found on other systems, but it has now caught up with some older free DLC and added some welcome features.

Saber Interactive has added Horde Mode Z and Marseille in terms of content, and in a notable addition you can now enjoy campaign co-op on a local wireless connection, too. That local wireless play can't be used in other modes, though, but could be useful if you're on the road and want to play with a buddy that also owns the game.

The trailer is extremely short and age-gated, but the patch notes are below.

- Defy the undead in the Marseille episode
- Added Horde Mode Z game mode
- New local hotspot multiplayer mode
- Added 'Message of the Day' banners
- General gameplay and graphical fixes
- Improved overall performance

The patch should have rolled out by now, so let us if you'll be jumping back into World War Z on Switch.