Last year we told you about Hamster Maze, a game aiming to give a video game representation of the hobby that can generate millions of views on YouTube. Training our cute little friends to do obstacle courses and mazes is internet gold, apparently, but the game has now had a change in name and a delay, albeit with the positive that it'll now have more content.

It's now called Hamster Playground, and beyond the core 'house', training and maze running it will now aim to have 5 modes in total. It's due in Q3 now, still listed for Switch, and some of the official blurb is below.

Yup, we have changed the title of our game! “Why?”, you may ask. Well, we did it because we made the game even more appealing and attractive to the players, and we needed the title to reflect that. Hamster Maze was, in essence, a game about racing in the labyrinths, but we decided to expand the scope by adding more arenas and activities. Five gameplay modes are going to be available upon launch, so Hamster Maze has been transformed into something much bigger and changed into a whole Playground.

The hamster house is still in the game – it’s still a core gameplay component which enables you to customise and train your hamsters, readying them to be pitted against their opponents.

It's currently part of Steam Next Fest, so there's a demo available if you want to give it a try.

It could be quite a fun game when it arrives later in the year; we'll keep an eye out for further updates.