Mortal Kombat 1Up
Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment

The original Mortal Kombat and its successors will always have a key role in video game history, with the gore and violence of the arcade original famously being toned down in its Super Nintendo port. The early arcades and assorted ports are classics, and an upcoming Arcade1Up release looks like it'll be a fun way to play them (albeit with a price tag in the hundreds of dollars).

The 30th Anniversary edition of the cabinet (which is 75% the size of the originals), will actually include the first three games and a group of older arcade titles. The highlight is clearly the Mortal Kombat original trilogy, and of course you'll be able to play locally.

This home arcade packs a SUPERB punch, with a line up of 14 games, in a gorgeous cabinet that includes a matching riser and light-up marquee.

Yes…FOURTEEN titles! Mortal Kombat™, Mortal Kombat II™, Mortal Kombat 3™, Ultimate MK 3™, Toobin™ , Rampage™, Joust™, Wizard Of Woz™, Gauntlet™, Rootbeer Tapper™, Defender™, Bubbles™ , Paperboy™, and Klax™. ALL included.

A fun extra though, differentiating this version from a previous MK Arcade1Up cabinet, is support for online multiplayer through 'WiFi Live'. Cabinet owners will be able to play against others that own the same unit, so it could be an enjoyable community feature for enthusiasts of the IP and arcade units.

A potential issue will be the userbase, of course, with the price and nature of the product making it quite niche; that said fans will likely arrange matches through social media / forums etc. It's due for release later this year.

In any case, imagine if online play had existed when these games originally came out - minds would have been blown.