Triangle Strategy
Image: Square Enix

Square Enix's turn-based tactical epic Triangle Strategy is due out on Nintendo Switch this March. Ahead of its arrival, the game has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board in North America.

This title has received a 'T' for Teen rating and contains blood, fantasy violence, language, mild suggestive themes and use of alcohol. Here's the ESRB summary to go with it:

"This is a role-playing adventure game in which players follow the story of a nobleman whose kingdom is on the brink of war. As players progress through the narrative, they can interact with characters to gain allies, make dialogue choices, and engage in tactical turn-based combat. Presented from a 3/4-overhead perspective, players position characters on a grid-based area, using weapon strikes and magic to defeat enemy forces. Battles are accompanied by cries of pain, impact sounds, and screen-shaking effects. Cutscenes depict additional acts of violence and blood: a character with a pool of blood underneath his body; a character killed by an arrow; a character executed off-screen. Some female characters are designed in outfits with moderate amounts of cleavage; the dialogue contains some suggestive innuendo (e.g., “You really must use your head more often. The one atop of your shoulders, that is"; “You seem like an honest man. I will thoroughly enjoy laying you down….hahaha.”). The game contains some references to wine, ale, and getting "tipsy" in dialogue; a drunk character is depicted slurring his speech, hiccupping, then passing out. The word “sh*te” is heard in the game."

Earlier this week, Square Enix released an image of the official game box art for Nintendo Switch. You can see it in full in our previous post.

The team behind Triangle Strategy, Octopath Traveler and the Bravely Default series have also teased multiple game announcements for 2022, so look forward to that.

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