Over the weekend PLAYISM broadcast a showcase to highlight a variety of upcoming games for various platforms, including Samurai Bringer that we covered earlier today. The broadcast (which you can view above) had some more Switch content as well, including the following titles.

TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight - 28th April

Previously released on PC, this is a 3D platform adventure with some collect-a-thon elements. It has a beautiful artstyle that will hopefully work its way onto Switch in good shape.

Tasomachi is an independently developed adventure game that lets you freely explore the beautiful world created by designer nocras. Assuming the role of young female protagonist Yukumo, fix your beloved airship by exploring the mysterious town covered by the Twilight Mist to collect hidden Sources of Earth and help restore the town’s lost brilliance. Enjoy this unique world with an Eastern fantasy twist, complemented perfectly by composer Ujico*’s mystical soundtrack.

The Sealed Ampoule - 3rd February

This is a game that has an improbable blend of styles, with farming, roguelite design and 'clicker' gameplay. It could be compulsive and interesting, we'll find out in a little over a week!

Level-up not only your character, but your dungeon itself to score huge bumper crops of items and Magic Circles galore! By continuously exploring deeper and deeper into the dungeon, you can remake (agriculturalize) your dungeon, increasing your strategic efficiency and gradually transforming it into a bountiful and profitable farm in this extremely unique and original Rogue-like game combining elements of dungeon exploration and clicker-style gameplay.

Are you tempted by either of these games?